Consciousness is intrinsic in the Universe

If we look at the world around us and assume that everything is just as it seems to be, then we should know that science has, over the past eighty years or so, begun to move on from this assumption.

As science has looked more and more closely at the nature of material stuff, it has discovered that materiality and solidity are appearances generated by our human senses.

Atoms and molecules are actually clusters of dynamic fluctuations in a field of cosmic energy.

The world around us seems solid and material but it’s actually a three dimensional array of dynamic energy-patterns continuously emerging into appearance from within the cosmic energy field.

These energy fluctuations seem solid and material because our human senses perceive them in that way.

Inside us, when we pay attention, the cosmic-energy field is knowable as consciousness or conscious awareness, the intrinsic and fundamental cosmic presence which is expressing itself continuously, moment by moment, as everything visible in the Universe.

Consciousness is intrinsic in the Universe. We know it as the conscious awareness inside ourselves.

When we take a focus of attention inward, we can sense the presence of the spatial intelligence or cosmic consciousness that seems to exist everywhere, inside us, all around us and throughout the whole Universe.

We can know intuitively, inside ourselves, that what science observes as a cosmic energy, quantum or zero point field is also a field of cosmic consciousness.

We can begin to intuitively realise that human beings and all other living beings in the Universe are the continuously generated expressions of this intelligence-energy field-organism.

Within each of the large cluster of specialized body cells which make up our human body, a streaming flow of exquisitely choreographed biochemistry is continuously coming into existence.

Our daily life as a human being, however, can easily distract us away from having a clear conscious knowing of the presence within us of the cosmic intelligence which is expressing itself as all of us everywhere.

A busy human life can often find us focussing our attention outward, into the world around us, dealing with the essential tasks of the day.

We can all too easily become distracted by everything occurring in our world and lost in our thinking and we can lose the essential depth of awareness which allows us to consciously know the presence of cosmic intelligence within us.

As we begin to lose touch with an intuitive knowing of the presence of cosmic intelligence, we can begin to drift into allowing our thinking to become the sole focus of our attention.

Our thinking can then become dysfunctional or fearful if we’ve lost touch with core being, the cosmic field-consciousness we can know intuitively inside ourselves.

When we’ve drifted into becoming completely out of touch with whole cosmic intelligence, we may no longer feel connected into the self-knowing conscious awareness that this cosmic intelligence has of itself and its inherent capacity to create meaning.

We can become increasingly shallow and prone to making inappropriate choices. We may begin to perceive the world as a difficult place to be. Our thinking can begin to create separation and lack of trust between ourself and others.

Simply taking a focus of attention inward, into the inner core of ourselves regularly, helps us begin allowing our awareness to deepen into consciously knowing itself again as cosmic intelligence expressing itself as a human being.

This helps bring us essential inner nourishment, we’ve found the depth-knowing which helps us feel at peace in the world.

We can begin to find again the deep inner focus of attention which helps us clearly hear and know our intuition and live in sync with the Tao.

Allowing intuitive insights emerging from this intelligence to become conscious within us and then making choices guided by this inner knowing can help us begin to live well.

Our thinking can often be more positive, productive and optimistic if it occurs within an inner known-sense of the presence of the connecting intelligence that is not only orchestrating, here and now, the exquisitely precise streaming flow of biochemistry within every cell in our body but also provides all of us with access to itself.

Sensing the presence of this cosmic intelligence field-organism within ourselves, by tuning in to it, helps us begin to live differently than we have previously.

Becoming consciously present in the continuously transient now helps us be less caught up in thoughts about the past or future, more accepting of the continuously passing moment, more spontaneous and more authentic.

We can begin to actively participate, listen and engage with the living cosmic field-intelligence which is bringing us into being within itself and will always nudge us toward the best options for us in the world if we tune in and are open to being guided by our intuition.

Every moment of every day, cosmic intelligence is continuously making itself visible as all of us and the world around us by transforming itself into the streaming flows of complex biochemistry which we perceive as us and our world.

When we lose our conscious awareness of the cosmic field-consciousness which is at the core of our being and in all space everywhere, we may suddenly seem rather less happy with life.

We may seem less able to find a deep connection to others or perhaps appear to be living in a world which is empty of meaning.

Healing ourselves requires us to engage in the active inner process of taking a focus of attention inward and finding a direct intuitive knowing of the non-conceptual cosmic consciousness which exists at the core of everyone and in all space everywhere.

We can then begin to intuitively realise and know that human beings are the dynamically generated expressions of a living cosmic intelligence-energy field-organism which is transforming itself into living beings throughout the Universe.

London. 21–08–2016