Referrals: How you can get WAY more

“The difference between lettuce and garbage is timing” - Dan Kennedy

We all love referrals, the problem is we don’t get as many as we like. Worse yet is we do almost nothing to get them other than “do a good job”.

It may seem counter-intuitive but the masses do not refer naturally. No matter how much they like your service or product, they’ll remain silent if you do not get proactive.

To make it more frustrating to you I’ll let you in on a fact: 83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer you… only 29% do. Why is that? Out of sight, out of mind.

Strike While the Iron is HOT

The best time for you to get a referral is when your client is at their most pleased. As time goes by the feelings they have will start to fade (much like our feelings do over a past romance… only much faster).

No matter what you must have a referral system in place soon after the transaction is complete. Every week that goes by you are evaporating in their heart.

You should also keep in mind that you have 3 client groups:

 New clients

 Current clients

 Dormant clients (have not been serviced in a year or more)

I want to emphasize the last one on the list, the dormant client. A dormant client is not always a lost client. There are a multitude of reasons why they may not have hired your service again:

— They have not thought about it

— They forgot or lost your contact information (this happens A LOT)

— A better offer came along (this does not mean you can’t get them back)

— They are ‘as needed’ clients, meaning they buy infrequently.

Most of the issues above happen because the business did not keep an open line of communication open. When you communicate regularly you will stay at the top of their mind.

How bald men not happy about balding referred like crazy

Years ago Hair Club For Men had 69 locations across the US. One thing they could not do was stimulate referrals. Most of the managers at the locations thought there was no way somebody with such a very personal procedure would tell people about it…

Until a woman from Houston, Texas proved them all wrong.

This woman, a Hair Club representative, got the complete attention of the corporate office when she started getting as many referrals as the other 68 stores got, COMBINED!!!

They sent down someone to find out what magic formula this person was using to get a landslide of ‘impossible’ referrals’. I will now reveal the secret that exploded Hair Club into a huge company dependent on referrals…

She asked.

All she did was ask and give a free treatment as a reward for every referral they brought in. Hair Club embraced this and promoted it heavily; because of this they added tens of millions of dollars to their bottom line.

You want referrals to pour in and never stop. There are businesses out there working on referral only. Some even demand a referral if they live up to what they promised!

Can you imagine getting contacted and telling the prospect in order to do business with you they need to hand over some names?

How about a land sales company that demanded five referrals before accepting a down-payment for a property. They sold 113 lots in 120 days…74 of them were referrals sold to on the phone.

With every business over-promising and begging for clients you can see how the exclusivity of this concept can work. It does take some balls to lay down the law like this, but if you can back it up who knows what can happen.

How do spendy private golf courses stay open in a ‘bad economy’? Exclusivity.

The Down Under Tooth Tugger

Paddi Lund is a dentist from Australia. Being a dentist there is no easy task and they don’t make the money they do in other countries.

Paddi got sick of working himself to death (most clock in 60+ hours a week) and making next to nothing (the average Aussie dentist makes $60,000 a year).

He decided to go against the grain… he made his business referral only! He literally locked the front door and you could not get in without an appointment. The only way to get an appointment was through a referral.

Pretty crazy huh? His competitors laughed at such lunacy… but they forgot about the power of exclusivity. Paddi works 23 hours a week and makes $400,000 a year.

What does all this mean to you? GET PROACTIVE! You may think you deserve a referral for your hard work or because you’re swell. You deserve shit. It was your duty to fulfill to the best of your ability.

Right now you are focused on getting new clients, selling more products or even getting more followers. Very little, if any focusing on the diamonds in your own backyard.

Stop expecting. Stop waiting. TAKE ACTION.

Paul Parkin

CEO GroCrowd Social Media

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