When you visit one country, you need money. One friend has traveled to Europe last vacations with some money, but it wasn’t enough, I don’t know how he came back but he is here in America. He said that when you travel you must have a lot of money for the hotel, food and buy thing that you want to remember. He said that Germany is more beautiful than Spain and I think the same, because I love Germany, I think that is really amazing for the language that is really difficult to learn.

I have eaten pizza but I think that the pizza is more delicious in Italy, because they invented the pizza, and all the people say that the pizza is the most amazing and delicious food in the world. I want to trip to Italy for their food and I love food . If you trip to Europe you musn’t go there without know the culture or part of it, but if you go without that knowledge when you are there you have to go to museums, or to a tour around the country to know more of it.

If you want to trip to America, you are going to be happy here, because America is the most beautiful continent of all the world. Specially Latin America because the music is to dance, the views are more amazing than the views of other continents, the people here is really happy, its a little dangerous but now a days all the world is like that. Central America is awesome because all the pyramids here are beautiful, the food is delicious, the music is specially for the people of that country because they are really tradicional, if you don’t know anything about that country you are not going to know why the people like that type of music and there is one costum for each country.

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