When everything looks grim

And my pain is throbbing

I repeat in my head the path I have taken

I review the the crossroads and the road I have chosen

The one that put me here in this place

If I could only go back and go down the other

I would have escaped the pain that now I’m enduring

Not only my pain, but the pain I’ve caused others

If only, if only could I have seen the tribulation

If only I could have seen through life’s manipulation

But it’s not that easy, life’s not that easy

It’s never toot late to change direction

It’s never too late to find a new path

It’s never too late to say I’m sorry, and change the wrongs to rights

If life was so easy, we’d never feel sorrow

We’d never feel happy, we never would pray

We would linger in a state of indifference, just moving about without feeling a thing

Thank God for our mistakes, wrongdoings, or bad choices

For sure His great mercy will light up our path

All can be forgivin’ if we’re honest and truthful

When we get through it we can honestly say

Thank you Lord for that season of lesson, for now,

I am wiser and stronger and I know my way

A moment of growth that would have passed by me

If I’d have been perfect and not gone astray

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