Burton Cummings

OMG! Burton that so reminds me, when I was five we moved to Wales England, my first day of Kindergarten was so terrifying. I remember walking in with my mother and the head lady tied to take me and I screamed and kick and cried and begged to leave, we were in the coat room, I remember the isles of coats and hats in there. The whole school was sitting on the floor in the center of , I believe the auditorium singing the morning songs, as I did end up having to stay. I remember all the classroom doors surrounding the area. I was introduced to the whole school at once and it was announced that I was from the states.I was so shy, I was hiding behind the piano. I was asked to go sit on the floor with the other students. I remember one of the staff walking around the students watching for anyone not singing, and as I learned if not that day, but maybe another, if you were not singing you would have to hold your hand out and get whacked on the back of the knuckles with a stick, I believe it was a round dowel like stick. Of coarse that terrified so. Me being new and not knowing the songs, I would just move my lips and pretend I was singing. Adventually though I learned the words. I still remember one song that went like this…Farmer, farmer sow your seed up the field and down, God will make the golden corn grow where all abound. Wait a while and look again where the field was bare, see how God has sent the corn, growing gold and fair, or something in that manner. I have not thought of that song forever, I don’t even know where that came from. I do have a lot of stories from Wales. Maybe I’ll start writing them on my page just so I can share them with my kids. Thanks Burton, you kick started me on a new adventure!