Paula Baxter

Thanks for your insight feedback Sonya. I have continued to work on the walkthrough workshop(s) I am planning to roll out as part of our teacher orientation at the beginning of the new school year. In the meantime, we are gradually building up the ethos of what having “an open door policy” at our school really means. The plan is to begin to desensitise teachers to peer walkthroughs now (simple format: 15 minutes, give feedback in the form of two stars and a wish, that is: two things that you observed and really liked, and one thing you wish you knew more about…and then make a plan to begin the conversation to actually learn more), and then the next steps will uncover the research behind the process and assist teams in developing focused walkthroughs with specific criteria.

As far as other principals in Phnom Penh taking part in the Shadow A Student challenge — I plan to moot the idea at our next (currently all female) gathering of the minds which is before June 2016.

Thank you too Sonya for being my critical friend with this writing. It was very helpful to be able to draw on your big picture thinking, hear your thoughts on where I needed to go deeper, and ultimately to have the perspective of an educator on the other side of the globe.