What it’s like to be popular on Product Hunt

I shared my email course, the one about mobile design, and it did extremely well.

I wrote Mobile Design Book last year with my co-author Tomas Laurinavicius. Last December, Nathan Barry contacted me and convinced me do an email drip course for my book. I respect the guy very much so I did. On Monday, February 2nd Nathan kindly submitted the landing page for my mobile design email course to Product Hunt. I’m here to tell you what happened.

Snapshot of Monday, February2nd

Let’s start with the numbers

Day one: Nathan posts Mobile Design Course to Product Hunt at 9am EST. Within the first hour, I’ve received over 300 email subscribers. In the first 12 hours, I’ve gotten over one thousand emails. My goal for the whole month was a thousand emails and I’ve received that in a matter of hours. Shocking, surprising, incredible!

Day two: when I checked my numbers 24 hours past posting it to Product Hunt I noticed the emails jumped to over 1300.

Day three: I checked again 48 hours later and I’ve had over 2300 emails! That’s double my goal in just two days! Product Hunt seemed to be a lead generating machine.

Day seven: it’s since been a week and although the daily numbers have tapered off I am currently at 3100 emails and counting. That is a lot, whoa…

Those numbers are so interesting, don’t you think? What’s more, as the time went on my conversion rate improved. On Monday, my conversion rate was roughly 39% while today it’s at 46%. So that’s my humble data. Let’s just say I did very well.

What does this mean? What did you learn?

What I learned can be summarized in five different points.

1. Product Hunt is great for the little guy.
I didn’t have a curated audience of any kind so featuring my email course on Product Hunt was a blessing for my conversions. It just so happened that a lot of my target audience visits Product Hunt so it’s a perfect place for a newbie to get some exposure. If you’re just starting out and are looking to initiate a small audience this is the perfect spot for getting you off the ground. Don’t get discouraged if you numbers are different than mine; you could get 300 or 10,000 emails because you never know. I most definitely didn’t.

2. Know what you’re going to do with the attention.
So now that I have this exposure, I have these emails, now what? Well, thank god I had this email course set up. It will keep people busy for two weeks. As of right now I don’t know what’s my next move. I know that it’s my responsibility to provide valuable content to my new mailing list. I don’t want to just capture these emails, let the email drip through and leave it alone. No, no. I have a week to figure out how I will deliver a regular stream of awesome — but more importantly — valuable content.

3. You build a small, yet incredible community of your own
Getting this amount of traffic towards my product was incredible. But what’s more, important is the community that these people form. I’ve received countless feedback from people praising my course and even thanking me for it. It’s awesome to know people actually appreciate what I’ve made ☺

( •_•)>⌐■-■
This is even appealing to the shrinks :]

4. Continuous growth
As you saw with my email numbers, just because I posted something on Monday doesn’t mean it disappears off people’s radars on Tuesday. I’ve continued to received more emails each day of the week after. I’m still getting some signs up today. Product Hunt is unique because it keeps track of past products where mine can bee still seen by people even though it’s been a week. Of course, the amount of impression isn’t as great as day one but it’s better than nothing, by far. What excites me the most is being able to add the course to various collections people make on Product Hunt. Did you know they had one just for CATS CATS CAAATS? You’re welcome.

5. Validation makes you feel so good
My overall experience so far has been exceptionally pleasant. Nathan and his team at ConvertKit helped me launch my course smoothly by answering a bunch of my emails. Erik Torenberg (one of the founders of PH) helped me with my questions as well. Like I said, it’s been a super pleasant experience. What’s more, having such a response made me sure that my idea was a good one. People tell you to validate your product ideas and this definitely helped in that. I now truly know people want content on mobile design.

What’s your product?

I’m curious if you posted something to Product Hunt. I showed you mine, now share yours.

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