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Paula Bullock
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From graduating as a veterinarian and establishing her own practice while still in her early 20s to today being responsible for adopting out thousands of pets each year, the main focus of Paula Bullock’s life has, further to family, always been veterinary care and animal rescue. Now the name behind a leading North Carolina animal charity, Paula Bullock veterinarian continues to successfully adopt out an amazing 8,000 or more pets per year through her incredible sanctuary, George’s Place.

“Graduating as a veterinarian more than 25 years ago, I soon established my own practice, which I christened Greenwood Veterinary Hospital,” explains Paula Bullock veterinarian.

Greenwood Veterinary Hospital became a huge success, Paula Bullock veterinarian says, and was, at the time, one of only a handful of facilities on the East Coast of the United States able to perform crucial I-131 radioactive iodine treatments on much-loved sick pets.

During her time at the helm of Greenwood Veterinary Hospital, Paula Bullock veterinarian contributed significantly toward the work of a wealth of pet rescue and animal sanctuary organizations and initiatives, and even hosted a popular local pet adoption-focused radio show. A number of years later, Bullock sold the business and handed over the reins of the thriving veterinary hospital to its dedicated new owners. “It was then that I began working in other areas of medicine,” she explains, “but my passion for animal rescue remained.”

Today, Paula Bullock veterinarian is the name behind North Carolina’s George’s Place Animal Sanctuary. Established and incorporated by Paula Bullock in 2004, the charity-recognized in full as George’s Place Animal Sanctuary and Mobile Animal Care-is located along North Pointe Drive in the popular Old North State city of Durham, best known for its scholarly institutions, technology companies, and the famous Museum of Life and Science, home to wildlife habitats for lemurs, bears, and more.

George’s Place Animal Sanctuary holds public charity status, typically receiving at least one-third of its support from donations, gifts, and other contributions annually. Perfectly demonstrating the growing need for such organizations, Paula Bullock veterinarian ‘s incredible sanctuary is just one of many operations now performing similar types of work across the sprawling state of North Carolina, according to a recent report.

“We’re now successfully pulling and adopting out over 8,000 pets every single year,” reveals Paula Bullock veterinarian, “as well as providing free veterinary care and transport for pets all over the U.S. to their new forever homes.”

A leading name in revolutionary veterinary care and animal rescue for over two decades, Paula Bullock lives and works in Durham, North Carolina. Outside of her veterinary and animal sanctuary work, Paula and her family are passionate about water sports, snow sports, and generally spending time outdoors, among a variety of other hobbies and interests.

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Paula Bullock

Paula Bullock was born in Lumberton NC and attended NCSU for undergraduate and veterinary medicine.