Telling a Story

If you look deep into one’s eyes, you see their soul

Pain and joy

What about a smile? Like a pair of eyes everyone has

But what you do with it is the question, what you observe

and what you tell

Hmm… and tell

Having dimples, two at that

Behind this pretty smile is a world of pain

bunch of undesirable sorrow, wishing to be happy

But I’ll never tell, call me A bitches

For that answer you have to dig and pull deep

Thinking this is like an onion, peeling off every layer to get where you want

There are no sunshines and rainbows like one might think

From dusk till dawn there are no smiles just silent weeps

Then letting out a sigh of relief

I’m not as strong as everyone thinks, maybe its my demeanor

Truth be told no one knows me

I don’t even know myself, like the world, it’s complicated

Just cloudy sad days, not like a book you can just pick up and read

What does this smile hide??

One might never know, I wish I did myself

I’m an outcast something sets me apart

Hopefully by the end you’ll know who this was written about

What lies behind this smile…

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