Running for US President can be hazardous to one’s health.

Especially if WW3 is about to break, and the banking system is teetering, and in my case, if you don’t like the spin and smear of the election circus.

Imagine someone like me who is trying to defend the Constitution by giving the People more direct control over their government. Somewhere it says ‘Government of, by and for the People’. I would be the butt of every joke.

I see myself as a pre-1776 Patriot. They trashed the Constitution on the day of 9–11. And the People have been silent ever since. Silence implies Consent. And that really bothers me.

The time has come for a Cyber Republic, where we ask the corrupt middlemen to step aside (the House of Reps), and install a US Secure Online Citizen Account, which would allow the People to recall rogue officials, vote on Bills, create referendums and ratify amendments to their own Constitution. Radical times require radical solutions.

Yes, I am for world peace, social justice, and for Real Choice on Abortion (a new concept), but the OCA is my signature plank.

Was I born in the USA? No. Let’s be real, neither was B. Obama. Am I a US citizen? No. But neither were the founding fathers.

When your house is on fire, and you see someone with a garden hose trying to put the fire out, do you ask him if he is a certified firefighter?

America is ablaze and in free fall. I’m only trying to save it.

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