This is just the beginning…

Prototype of Acredite postcards for our Kickstarter campaign

When I first heard that we would be launching a Kickstarter campaign, at the beginning of the semester during my Entrepreneurial Design class, I panicked.

I felt anxious, insecure, and I thought to myself: “how am I suppose to do this?” I didn’t feel like I could make anything good enough to be entitled to ask people for money. If my older self, have told me that I would not only successfully launched the project but also get funded I would have laughed. My friend and classmate, Glenda Capdeville, and I created a social awareness project, called Acredite (“believe” in English), an illustrated postcard campaign featuring 12 stories of Brazilians and their small acts of social change. Our goal is to share all these stories through postcards with the purpose of bringing hope, start a conversation and demonstrate that anyone can contribute to make Brazil a better place. To learn more about our campaign check our Kickstarter campaign:

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned during this process:

1. Talk to the experts. We spoke with Brazilians who started non-profits and have done social change in their communities. This was extremely important to find inspiration in moments we found ourselves stuck. We learned some much from their inspiring stories, which guided us forward and gave us the idea of exposing good examples of Brazilians.

“We all have the power”

Interaction Designer and MFA Interaction Design Student at the School of Visual Arts

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