How to Plan Your Week By The Day’s Astrological Energy

And make your life easier

Have you ever noticed that Mondays feel like a drag? On Thursday are you feeling hopeful about the weekend? By Friday are you ready to meet up with your mate?

You’re feeling into the days of the week.

Each day has its own energetic feel directed by the planets. When you learn which days go with which planets and the corresponding qualities you can schedule your week accordingly.

Ever since I learned about the astrological energy of each day of the week I’ve worked my schedule to flow with the energy. I’m all about creating as much ease and flow as possible. So here’s what I’ve learned about the days and their associated planets and qualities.

The Days and Their Planets

Monday (Moon) — You might know the moon as an emotional body. It’s associated with women’s monthly cycles. And likewise, you can expect elevated emotions, moods, intuition, and the shadow side of life on Mondays. You might feel slow and sluggish (who hasn’t felt that way on a Monday?). But you might also feel reflective and pensive. If you’re an entrepreneur or you get to plan your own work schedule (like I do), you might want to schedule Mondays off. Make it a day of rest. It’s a great day for meditation and quiet time.

Tuesday (Mars) — In Greek mythology, Mars is the God of War. So you can imagine that Tuesday is a force to be reckoned with. You can conquer a lot on Tuesdays. There’s an increased sense of productivity, effectiveness, and competition. It’s a day of strategy. It’s a great day to be at work, progressing your career in some form. It’s also a good day to clear clutter and complete to-do lists.

Wednesday (Mercury) — Mercury is the communication planet. It connects all the days of the week as it’s nestled right in the middle with Wednesday. That makes Wednesdays great for all communication activities like talking on the phone, having meetings, writing thank you notes, or catching up on emails. If Mercury isn’t retrograde, then it’s also a great day to sign contracts.

Thursday (Jupiter) — Along with Tuesday, Thursday is one of the more productive days of the week. Except the energy of Jupiter helps to lift the vibe and makes for a happier productivity. The jovial nature of Jupiter is often felt in our happiness about the end of the week and our looking ahead to the weekend. We can feel the joy of jupiter, which makes it a great day for social activities like networking and marketing. Thursdays are also great days for tending to financial matters.

Friday (Venus) — Friday. The end of the work week. And the start of the weekend. Also, a common date night. Which makes sense when you think about the ruling planet — Venus. Venus rules romance and sensual connections. Friday is a great day to express love for partner, family member, or friend. It’s basically a weekly Valentine’s day.

Saturday (Saturn) — Do you ever fee like Saturday is the day to get your chores done at home? Sweep the floor, do laundry, cook, and clean. Saturn carries a stern and productive energy. This energy lends itself to a good day for making plans. Make Saturdays the day you plan for the next week. It’s also a great day for homework and other prep activities.

Sunday (Sun) — Sunday is known by most as a day of rest. It’s a day to bask in the warmth and glow of the sun. It’s also a great day to connect with friends and family. The sun is expansive. And that’s how you feel on these days. It’s a day to share, express, and grow. Spend time worshiping or gardening. It’s a happy, restful day.

As I mentioned, I’ve made several tweaks to my schedule since learning about the astrological energy of each day. For example, I ensure I’m off work on Sundays and Mondays. I still do writing projects, take care of tasks at home, and spend time with my family. But I’m not at the hospital on most Sundays and Mondays. Tuesday through Saturday are fair game.

Since making this adjustment, I’ve noticed I prefer to work at the end of the week (Wednesday through Saturday). So I make my schedule accordingly. That’s the biggest change I’ve made since learning about each day’s energy.

Maybe you can make a change, too, and reap the benefits of each day’s vibe.