Manifesting: What It Is and How To Do It (Really)

No mumbo jumbo here. Only the real deal.

Manifestation. It’s sounds more like an early 2000’s mantra than a code word for success. It was made popular by books like “The Secret” and “Ask and It Is Given.”

It’s an alluring idea: ask for what you want and get it. Who doesn’t want that? It’s like having your own personal genie. Yes, please!

But in all its hype, you overlooked something along the way.

You got so excited because it seemed easy. But when your manifestations didn’t happen like you expected or at all, you began to question the whole process.

Maybe manifestation is a sham? Maybe these people just wanted your money? Maybe it was a ploy enacted by marketing gurus and you were the pawn. They played you like a bad game of backgammon. They took home the tokens while you got left in the field.

But that’s too easy, too. Blame. You don’t play that game, anymore. So what’s the real answer?

What does manifestation mean?

Outside of eighth grade history class, where else have you heard of the word ‘manifest’? No where. Except woo-woo people who want what they want and they want it now.

Let’s get some things straight. Like the definition of manifestation. What do the experts have to say?

Google says that manifest means “to display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate; evidence of; prove; (of an ailment) become apparent through the appearance of symptoms; (of a ghost or spirit) appear.”

Other definitions provided by or Merriam-Webster say manifest is a noun meaning a list of items, goods, or passengers; an adjective meaning something perceived plainly by the eye or understanding; or a verb meaning something made clear or evident.

In short, it’s the appearance of something.

In today’s lingo, manifest is used to mean you’re going to bring into reality something you desire. Like a new car, home, relationship, business, or clients.

Why does it matter?

You want things. Things that are different than the things you have now. Your current situation no longer suits your needs.

You’ve had an experience that showed you that better is out there. And now you want it.

There are two types of things you want.

1. True desires
2. False desires

True desires are in alignment with your highest good. It comes from soul, source, your heart. It’s on track with your destiny. It will help you to achieve your purpose or mission. It comes in divine time. And it feels good before, during, and after.

False desires are out of alignment with your true self. Your ego would love to have it because you would be cooler, fitter, smarter, or better than other people. Desires out of alignment either don’t come or come at a cost.

What are you doing wrong?

Manifestation does work. But it depends on how you go about it. There are two things you can do wrong in the manifestation process.

1. Align with false desires
2. Focus on the wrong action

There are many reasons you align with false desires. For one, you don’t know what you want.

In those instances, you think you want what other people want. You see what lights them up. Then you think it would do the same for you. So you go after what they have. And you get it.

But you’re unhappy and unsatisfied. Which makes sense, right? It’s not what you truly desired. You just took a shot without aiming and missed the mark completely. And that’s okay, because you get more tries.

So, how can you get it right? Turn the lens inward. Get to know yourself. Review your childhood, uncover old hobbies, try new things, experiment, and play.

Cut yourself off from outside influences. Get off social media. Don’t talk to other people or get a second opinion. Do this thing called “self-discovery.” For which there are many great tools and techniques.

Which brings me to number two.

In the process of self-discovery, you dissolve belief systems that don’t belong to you. You let go of the expectations of others. You learn to love yourself first. You learn to be grateful for your life now. And you affirm the abundance, love, and self-worth you experience.

This feels good. You are successful. Your life is transformed.

Now you know who you are and what you desire. You even know what to do next.

In your clarity, ideas came to you. Maybe only one. And that idea had an action step. A big, scary action step.

You might have even exclaimed, “Yes! An action step!” But then you turned around and went back into the cave of self-discovery. You sat down with all your buddies, the tools and techniques that guided you out of the cave, and started over again.

Surely you had misstepped, taken a wrong turn, or misinterpreted a sign. Why else would it be so scary to go in that direction? Back to the drawing board. Or even — back to false desires.

You end up in a loop of fear. Using your manifestation tools to get clarity and connection for a fearless path. A way forward without resistance. A trail already blazed. But this is where you go wrong.

The cave of self-discovery and all its blissful tools served its purpose. We found our true desires and an action step. That step is what’s next. If you want to manifest your true desires, you must take the step despite fear.

The fear and resistance don’t signal you to turn back. Instead, it’s a sure sign you’re headed in the right direction. The greater the fear, the greater the calling.

It can be confusing. I know. But the answer isn’t to go back to the drawing board. And the answer definitely isn’t to keep affirming what you’d rather be true, “I have a flourishing business making millions of dollars (and I don’t even have to lift a finger).”

Manifestation takes work. And miracles. But a lot of work.

It can be effortless and simple. And maybe, sometimes, it’s easy. But mostly it takes drive, passion, and enthusiasm. All of which you’ll experience when you take aligned action (action taken in the direction of your true desires).

But you might also experience fear, resistance, and self-doubt among a myriad of other feelings. Which are all normal. This is the knowledge you need to make it through the next step.

Know first that there will be uncomfortable feelings. It’s a part of the process. Your job is to just keep going.

Don’t get me wrong. There are times to stop, turn around, re-evaluate, and start-over. But most of the time, it’s resistance and fear discouraging progress.

What do you do about the uncomfortable feelings?

You feel them and take action anyways. Make them your friends. Acknowledge their presence. Recognize them as indicators of growth and expansion.

When you recognize and acknowledge these feelings for what they are you’ll get an immediate energy boost. It’s your awareness kicking in to give you extra support. Simple awareness works wonders. And soon the feelings will dissipate.

But don’t get cozy. You must always be on guard. The feelings can creep in at any time. It’s a continual process. And that’s life, right?

There will always be another hurdle to jump, problem to solve, and goal to reach. That’s exactly what we’ve signed up for here on earth. Get used to that fact and you’ll go a long ways in this manifestation celebration.

But if this simple technique of bringing awareness to your feelings isn’t doing the trick, turn back to specific tools and techniques you learned in your self-discovery to make the transition smooth. That’s about the only reason you should ever return to these tools — as support.

They’re like supplements to your healthy diet. You do it only because it gives you the extra boost keep taking aligned action.

What are all these tools and techniques?

Here’s a list of tools and techniques that many people use. This is not an exhaustive list.

  1. Affirmations
  2. Vision boards
  3. Visualizations
  4. SMART goals
  5. Setting intentions
  6. Clearing work (light or shadow)
  7. Re-writing limiting beliefs
  8. Setting intentions
  9. Reading personal development books
  10. Pretending “as if”
  11. Rituals
  12. Crystals
  13. Tarot or oracle cards
  14. Journaling
  15. Gratitude
  16. Giving to others

These tools are available as resources. They are akin to health practices, like eating a balanced diet, exercising, and meditating. They do not supplant concrete and specific actions.

You do affirmations and keep a gratitude journal to keep your mind focused in a positive direction.

You smudge your apartment to clear the air and your mind.

You visualize to gain mental clarity about your desire.

You re-write limiting beliefs to keep a positive mental attitude.

You read books to stay inspired.

You journal to keep clear.

You pull tarot or oracle cards to keep on track and remain connected to spirit.

You set intentions to stay aligned.

You give to others to feel connected.

You learn to receive and let go to keep your channels open.

Do you notice a trend? These tools keep you clear, inspired, open, connected, and aligned. Which is crucial for aligned action.

But most of the time, people get it wrong. They think they can just sit back, ask for what they want, and wait for it to arrive.

First of all, have they even assessed if it’s what they truly want? And second, how will a new car show up in their driveway without them leaving the house?

I live in a miraculous universe but I also live on planet earth. And on this planet, you have to take concrete action to get a new car.

How do you pull all this together?

If you are struggling to know what you want out of life, then enter the cave of self-discovery. Stay as long as you need. But get a clue, any clue, and run with it. Run as fast, as far, and as long as you can. Until you need another clue.

Rinse. Repeat.

What people get wrong is thinking manifestation is something they do with their mind. They think they can be all heady about it. But it’s a team effort.

You must have mental clarity combined with the guidance of your heart to manifest your dreams.

Use the tools and techniques to stay aligned throughout your journey, but don’t use them in place of proper action. Maintain a healthy balance. Just as you would in other areas of your life.

Manifestation is more than getting what you want out of life. It’s a process of aligning your heart and mind. It’s a process of creating resonance with the Universe.

Once you do you’ll want what you want because it feels good and right for you. It feels natural. Like the next step, it feels inevitable.

And it is, so long as you’re willing to do the work and take action. One step at time with a vision for the long term. Delayed gratification. Patience.

Know you will receive all that you desire in the divine right time and the divine right way. Because it’s already yours.