The Daily Write Grind and 12 Hour Shifts?

I’m trying to figure out how I can commit to writing everyday, including work days. Other days are no problem. But it’s work days that are harder.

Before work? After work? During work? Lunch, breaks, visits to the bathroom?

Is it worth the effort? Will it actually make a difference in my writing? My business? My confidence? My life?

Or will it make my life more stressed? Because I’ll be adding more to already full and hectic days.

I’ve avoided writing today — at work — because “This environment isn’t conducive to ideas, inspiration, flow. And certainly not conducive to coherent streams of thought outside of nursing.”

I don’t feel inspired, most of the time, while I’m here because I’m stressed. Tight in my shoulders. Tense in my forehead. Anxious for the next phone call, physician, or patient light.

Switching gears seems stressful. Unwise. Harmful rather than helpful.

But maybe these are excuses, resistance at work. Maybe there’s a solution I haven’t identified. Which I’m completely available for.

Is there a solution that feels good? Even if it includes not forcing myself to write on work days?

Here’s my writing for today. A work day. At 1845. Shift change.