3 Tips for an Inviting House During the Holidays

The holidays are the most popular time of year that families get together, dine, catch up on life, and even travel. Thanksgiving and the winter holidays seem to be about family more than the turkey, the tree, and the gifts, and that’s what they say, right? “It’s all about family.”

While most people look forward to their family get togethers around this time of year, there may be a few in each family who dread it just a bit: the host that year. People sometimes love to host because it means they’re not having to travel in wintry conditions, be it driving or flying long distance. It also gives them the chance to show off their house and be in their own element.

Despite those that love hosting for those reasons, it can be a large chore to prepare the house, food, and all other aspects that come along with hosting, which is one reason why it can be weigh on the host’s mind months in advance.

However, it’s not as daunting as it has to be so long as you have a gameplan and do a little work preparing. Here are a few tips to create a warm and welcoming house while hosting these holidays.


This may seem like a staple to all homes around the holidays, but having wreathery on your front door, garland on your bannisters, and centerpieces on tables goes a long way in showing that your house is festive and open to guests. It doesn’t take much to spice up the place, so you definitely don’t have to be one of those moms that go all out on the holidays and decorate every inch of their house in a Christmas fervor.

Traffic flow (driveway)

Probably the most useful thing you can do to make everything easy for your guests is to have your driveway clean and to let guests know beforehand where to park. It’s a pain for people to have to move their vehicles out of the way so someone else can leave (and a similar pain for the people blocked in to have to say something). Let everyone know where they can park to create a hasslefree arrival and departure from your house.

Also, if it’s snowed recently, shoveling your driveway and sidewalks is a huge favor for your guests so that they don’t slip or track snow in.

Light candles

Candles give a nice aura that says “You can be comfortable here.” Candlelight is relaxing, familiar, and festive for the holiday spirit. As a bonus, you can choose to light holiday scented candles like pumpkin pie, evergreen, or other scents reminiscent of winter and the holidays.