Tips to Help You Write Daily

Let’s face facts. Every new writer has difficulty with the requirement to write daily. Most experts say an hour a day, but some say two. This is something even seasoned writers have difficulty doing!
 I’m going to offer some simple ways you can make daily writing easier.

1. Create a space: This is the main thing you need to do. That’s why it’s number one! Find a place that you can be productive. It can be a desk of any kind or another spot that you find where you can be a writer and not be constantly interrupted. Clean the space, decorate the place. Find a comfortable chair…Not too comfortable! We don’t want to fall asleep!

2. Find inspiration: Inspiration comes in many forms. There are websites that offer prompts. Just type Writing Prompts into Google search and away you go! Write down the prompts that you find inspiring. You can type them in a Word document, as well. Collect interesting objects from garage sales or thrift stores, a la Ray Bradbury.

3. Find a time: No one can say you should write in the morning or at night. They don’t know you! You know you! Determine which time of day you are most alert. It is a waste of time to decide to get up early in the morning to write if your brain isn’t fully awake until noon!

4. Give yourself a break: Yes, the experts say you should write an hour, or two, on a daily basis. Give yourself a chance to ease into it. start with 20 minutes. That seems so much more reasonable! Each week, add 20 minutes. Once your writing 20 minutes, another twenty doesn’t seem so bad. Before you know it, you’ll be writing for that hour, or two!

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