What Did You Say????

Listening is an art.

Comprehension involves release — an open mind, a loving mind, a quiet mind. It is all very Zen.

When I consider how thought gets transformed into words and words get transformed into action I realize the distinct probability that I will be misunderstood. It is not a possibility; it is a probability.

When I verbalize a thought there is already a disconnect there as I search for words. I may not realize that this is what I am doing because there are many words I have memorized and use as my “go to” language. However, the world is full of synonyms that seem the same but are completely different.

Our perspective is demonstrated by our linguistic bias and limited by our knowledge of the subject of which we are expressing.

Have you ever said something and then stated it another way, in other words, expressed yourself and then attempted to clarify your statement with other words?

The words we choose are few of many, and there is a high probability that I will be misunderstood, especially if I think I know about that which I am talking.

Thinking is not enough — to know is to road test the hypothesis through living — to express knowing through living is wisdom.

We prove our hypotheses every moment of our lives, but that only serves to make them true to us.

Everything I say may be lies. It is true to me, but you can prove it untrue.

We say that love is all there is while we are crying in our beer that we don’t know or have love . . . How can this be true?

I lament, “I never get what I want!”

Life says, “What do you want?”

I say, “I don’t know!!”

Didn’t I just receive it?

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