Flask project organization as “annotated picture thing”

I have been told that learning to code is also learning to Google.

For example, take one of my goals for the ChiPy mentorship: build and understand a Flask app. I Googled “How to build a Flask app” and found many walk-throughs that told me what to type into my command line to get one running.

But I find that sometimes tutorials are like driving home after work — suddenly I’ve arrived at my destination and don’t remember how I got there, or what exactly happened in the project folder I just set up. I just copy and pasted those command line prompts until it worked.

To better understand how all the files and folders interact, I made an annotated picture-thing showing the organization of a simple Flask project. This was largely informed by the “Organizing Your Project” chapter in this helpful Flask tutorial from Robert Picard, and a conversation with my patient ChiPy mentor.

As someone interested in alternative forms of storytelling and explaining information (and a semi-avid bullet journaler), I’m curious about how people take notes and synthesize information. And lately, I’ve been thinking about ways of synthesizing code-y concepts in more visual ways. Point me to any examples if you have ‘em.