How To Set Negative Keywords On Google Adwords

Setting up and running your Adwords campaign isn’t enough.

One of our clients have recently asked me to setup a Google Adwords campaign for their company. They have been running their own ads, and I found out that the keywords have been competing with each other. The main reason why their CPCs (Cost Per Click) is pretty high.

This client is in the franchising industry. Google often gives suggestions that are not related to the kind of business they are into. Sometimes, Google even offers keywords of competing businesses! Some digital marketers think this can be a good move — but please don’t bite that.

If you’re bidding on the competition, your ad isn’t going to be very relevant for you and the searcher; in all likelihood, Google will penalize you with a low Quality Score. And the lower your Quality Score, the higher your cost per click.

We don’t want that, right?


Here’s the first — ever detailed instructions on how to set your keywords to negative!

  1. Switch to classic Adwords view, and go to ‘Campaigns’.

2. Go to ‘Keywords’ view.

3. Click on ‘Negative keywords’

4. Then move highlight to ‘Search terms’.

5. Go to ‘Search term’ then select the keywords that you want to set as Negative.

6. Click ‘Add As Negative keyword”.

7. Then hit “Save”.

You’re all set! Now, maintain your ads by regularly bidding on new keywords and setting negative keywords to keep your ads relevant.

Reap the rewards of reaching your target audience more accurately. By using negative keywords, this will significantly reduce irrelevant ad impressions so that you can improve your quality score and lower your cost per click! This means your spendings on ads will be more efficient than ever!

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