5 Websites Where You Can Spend the Whole Day!

Paola K Amaras and Paul T. Kraly

We spend a lot of time on the Internet. The bulk of our regular workday includes social media projects, writing articles, ghost writing, researching, book proposal writing, and so many other things that when the power goes out and the laptops die, we feel as if a limb was severed.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it still feels odd when we can’t use the Internet — just as we’re sure it must feel to several hundred million other people.

So since we spend so much time here in the electronic world, we promise ourselves every once in a while to get away from our work, and recharge and relax via web surfing. We’ve found five websites over the past year or so that guarantees some downtime and relaxation from work, and wanted to share them with you.

The Secret Ingredient is [Love]

We love to cook, and are anticipating an awesome new kitchen when we move to a new place. Michelle, the owner of the website, provides a chatty blog that focuses primarily on food and some spectacular recipes. OMG, the recipes. From fabulous cocktails and party appetizers, to healthy dinners and wonderful soups, salads and desserts. “The Secret Ingredient” offers so many different recipes and cool instructions, that it would be impossible to make them all. But, darn it, we’re going to try!

The Daily Otter

Sure, cats rule the Internet (just as they rule the household), but seeing these wonderful scrappy and elegant swimmers in their daily routines brings a smile to your face and relaxation to your soul. Otters are the cutest, cuddliest, and most photogenic of predators, and you deserve a daily dose to maintain. The videos, the memes, and the lovely stories people share, even links to otter web cams and places you can give to charities. It’s truly everything otter! Caution: Do not watch too many otters. Know your Otter Limits. You otter know better. Okay, we’re done.

Internet Arcade

Remember those carefree days dropping quarters into stand-up video game machines? There was a time and age when the video arcade was a goldmine. Now, sadly the arcade has faded with the advent of the home video console craze that started in the mid-1980s and exploded. But the classic games still live on, and you can still play them. The Internet Archive, a site that holds practically the entire history of the World Wide Web, has a fun section where you can play classic video games like Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Asteroids, etc., and all without dropping the quarters. It’s good for an hour or two (or more) of sheer relaxation and perfect for a rainy day.

Cleveland Museum of Art Collection

The Cleveland Museum of Art is a fantastic place. It’s mission is being “for the benefit of all the people forever”. Along with the myriad works of art you can see on a relaxing visit, the museum also boast an elaborate and extensive digital image collection online, complete with an online museum store too! It’s educational, relaxing, and just plain beautiful. The artworks are arranged in several different ways, and you can search by artist, by country, by style, etc. Check out the medieval collections especially. Paola spent a lot of her childhood Thursday afternoons looking at these while waiting on her mom to come pick her up. Both of us appreciate the museum’s mission and encourage everyone to visit the site, and if you are in Cleveland, the museum itself is definitely worth a visit as well.

Amateur Radio Club, ETGD, University of Twente, Nederlands

A very under-rated site, this offers ham radio enthusiasts in particular to go crazy. Have you ever wanted to hear thousands of news or radio broadcasts from all over the world? How about a cricket match in India, or a soap opera radio show in Mexico? This site never fails to remind you that it is indeed a great big world out there, and there are virtually millions of frequencies whizzing around to listen to. The catch is, you need to brush up on your ham radio skills a little, because while the site is very useful, there are a number of terms and settings you’ll need to familiarize yourself with. The site itself isn’t all that attractive, but there is something totally compelling about listening to these different broadcasts. You can easily spend an hour here and never realize it. It’s that addicting.

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