What happens when made desperate by necessity?

‘I got nothing done until I was made desperate by necessity’- Anonymous

The feeling I had after accomplishing a goal set before me by circumstance was unparalleled. I began to wonder where such creativity ‘ginger’ had been all along. Oh, I see. He makes all things beautiful in His time.

I had never done it before. It wasn’t my business, really. I could have declined such request. I had a choice, but I made a choice; I took it up, I tried it out and lo, I did it. When I was done, they liked it. I was so happy they did. I am done, I validated. No, you are not done, my heart invalidated. There’s something left, my spirit revalidated. So, I began to think. I was so desperate. I kept working. And eureka, I got it. I shared it last week, but here’s something to add.

I was never going to get hooked by a sinking line in the EmCee business. But letting myself in this was a great idea. I am so wishing to never get pulled out of this creativity jail, for it is very rewarding. What is it?

1. Never say never, it will end in praise! Circumstances are opportunities; they are tests. We shine when we pass. When I received the client’s request to help out with putting his vows together, a multitude of thoughts ran through my mind. I could have let him down but I didn’t. My first drafts were meaningless but thanks to persistence, it came through. What wasn’t my business is now a selling point.
2. Know that one thing leads to another! I didn’t just assume it was over when the job was done. I was thirsty for something bigger. I asked what next. And I made his vows into a card. It was worth the [extra] stress. Here’s the good thing, the Multilingual Master of Ceremonies is now making couples into poets; Clients are amazed to discover the creative writer they never knew had been lying within them, as they write and send their vows which I only package.

My friend, nothing in life succeeds that we haven’t tried. If we could imagine being birds, we would fly. Creativity starts as a desire sparked by coincidence. Every invention in the world has followed channel. This law is universal; inventors see a need, become desperate to get the need met by taking the lead and see them, never-to-be-forgotten millionaires. Mais la créativité n’est pas du chocolat; creating something new is not popcorn. But we must try anyway, for we are stars personified, and we must shine. What will ignite our shine is what we may never know. That’s why we must take nothing for granted.

If necessity is the mother of creativity, then desperation is its father. Until I gave myself the deadline of having to deliver #SuperLiving write-ups on a weekly basis, writing was for me, a mere wish. So why not just try now, that which is crossing your mind? Your try can be the beginning of something the world is waiting to see. For they ain’t seen anything yet. Shine on, superstar.