What’s Your Tiny Little Voice Saying?

Right and Wrong are Tiny Little Voices…

‘There’s something very funny about money. Not really the fact that we all want it.’ Can you relate? I’m presently writing something on that and I promise to share it next week. But for now, let me share with you this verisimilitude I consider very important. It’s the ‘funny’ thing about life. This journey called life is unimaginable — we all travel a twisted road without any map yet we hope to arrive at destination. Well, that’s because we have dreams. The course traversed by each one is distinct no matter how akin. The life led by everyone is unprecedented. Between, there are many things we wish happened and sure, so many we wish never happened.

Everyone has had a pang of guilt even if tiny. I have. You too have? That makes the both of us then. While some people claim to never have stepped on toes, many still regret having stepped on one, maybe three, or even more in this journey called life. In reality, however, only those without dreams or desires would never have. Hitler was tagged ‘evil’ over his super-dream of ruling the world. My question is what if he had succeeded? That’s the funny thing about life. Oh! The sad thing, I meant. Here’s what may sometimes run through your mind when conscience is at work. I’ve entitled it the ‘Lamentations of a Dreamer’.

There are many:
Things I wish I wish I never did;
Places I wish I never went;
Promises I wish I never made;
Sacrifices I wish I never made;
People I wish I never hurt.
Yet, there are lots of:
Things I wish I did or tried;
Times I wish were well spent;
Promises I sincerely wish I kept;
Love I wish I grew… all gone?
Maybe I was scared, maybe not.
But then, I realized that:
I never really wanted to be like that,
I journey through life without a map.
Life is not supposed to be perfect yeah;
Perfect is boring — mistakes make it perfect,
Now that I know, I’ll ‘not be wrong again’.

And that was me, poetically reminiscing my regrets with a hope that it gets ‘TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN’. One big truth is nobody delights in hurting others. It’s just circumstance which is most times, beyond their power. Dream-chasers make mistakes on their way, they learn and their path gets clearer by the day. It’s permissible, I guess. If you had a dream and chased it, you must have stepped on a toe. You just may never know. But don’t worry now. Pick up a pen and write your regret. Let them know you are truly sorry.

I’ve written my way to everlasting peace. You too can. It will help you get over that hunting guilt. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be free. Don’t forget to apologize ‘so long as you can’. You will be happier. God forgives, men must. You are forgiven, just confess. Now connect the dots between your past and your future. All things happen for a purpose. And should you get any such apology-call too, don’t ever forget that ‘it’s never too late to love’. Now, get up and go get the superlife you deserve as a superstar!