Day One in Photos: The First U.S. President in Cuba in 88 Years
Ben Rhodes

Dear White House dot guv,

This set-up sucks. I came to your site to post pictures about the Prez’s Cuba trip that I couldn’t find anywhere else. So many special things about the first family’s day and so much disinformation about the “plight” of the Cuban people to challenge. But I keep ending up at Medium. And there’s no way to share the pictures. How many people are going to get to see how a First Family handles landing and going right on a walking tour despite the rain? Or see the brilliant planning of the grrrls slipping into some good touring shoes?

This is White House out-sourcing at it’s worst.

ps. Hey Prez. I’m calling you THE BAM BAM MAN. Cause when I watched the announcement of your pick for the Supremes, I thought…..BAM! Block that Repubs. Make my day! Of course most people won’t see much of it on the news. I had to come to whitehousedotgov to get it. Which worked then.

Now if the Prez would only snuggle with the Jewish Grandpa who could rein in Likud Gone Wild and their perpetual terrorist recruiting machine.

And that’s what I thought before Clinton’s diagusting performance today. The whole world is condemning Likud’s extremist land grab. And it’s been going on for quite some time. But Clinton…..

Yesterday I returned to my refusal to vote Clinton as a lesser evil. If we’re going to continue with the interventionist wars and fossilized Israeli policies, let the Repubs do it. Democrats trying to prove they’re tough are too good at it.I remember Vietnam. And I’m pretty sure Dr.King would be supporting Sanders.

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