The Best Sex Advice a Man Can Learn
Scott Gilman

Excellent article you wrote Scott. You need to write a book on this! It should be a book all men should read and learn from. Truly “the best sex advice a man can learn”. As for the “ other men”, the Narcissists, only out for their own satisfaction, ( you were not talking about), add them in a separate chapter. Many women could benefit greatly, by learning about the signs to watch out for, and save themselves from intense suffering and wasted time. These hollow, emotionally and otherwise unavailable men, portray themselves as the exact opposite of what, and who, they truly are. They are lacking Emotional Intelligence, with either no ability, or desire, to learn and change. They are chronically pathologically busy with nothing. They will never do anything they say they will and are destined to be unsuccessful in life. They do not live in the present, past or future. They exist only in their own warped zone, unable to form any normal relationships, unbeknownst to their victim. Theses are the ones who prey on good, kind souls, and have no remorse for the destruction of women. Everything is always about them, constant catastrophes. Maybe they have the same deplorable effects on others in their lives also. I don’t know. Very impressive article! Truly well done! I would definitely buy the book, numerous copies, when and if you write it. You should consider it seriously. One last comment, all women will not reach orgasm every time they have sex, even oral sex. Sometimes medication,or simply the state of mind at the time, can render it impossible. To make a guy feel responsible, or inadequate, when a woman does not reach orgasm, after he has done all the correct steps, and had the best intentions, is not correct. However, it is something that should be discussed, to see if there is something that could be done differently, to facilitate the woman achieving orgasm. I am waiting for the book! Both men and women would benefit from you writing this book.