30 Ways to Brighten Your Mood and Increase Your Creativity. Day 21 0f 90.
Regina Anaejionu

I feel we are twins separated at birth. Quick tequila, book hoarding, cat videos and slowly learning to not be a hater of journaling and flowers. And being unable of applying make up and look like a normal person. I feel you.

I might add… just laying in the couch or in bed and enjoying a refreshing time doing nothing… or thinking. Or hitting the gym for a martial arts class or some boxing.

That’s the thing I love the most about being a freelancer and working from home: I organize my life and have time to do things that help me and my work but might seem useless and a waste of time to any boss in the corporate world.

And so I raise my tequila for us, the freelancers and entrepeneurs, always watching cat videos and dancing in yoga pants. That’s the life!

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