The Failure of the Progressive Movement: Examining the White Savior Complex, Sexual Harassment, Rape Culture & Misogyny

On November 11, I was “let go” by Jordan Chariton at a Journalist Summit for his Truth Against the Machine (TAtM) “employees.” The funny thing is how can you fire someone from a position in which they never signed any official paperwork or earned a steady income? Asking for a friend.

I stayed at Jordan’s apartment in New York from Sunday night, November 5, until Wednesday night, November 8. I got to be a fly on the wall in a New York studio apartment occupied by Jenn Dize, Jordan’s personal assistant, Ty Bayliss, Jordan’s cameraman for TYT Politics, and Jordan Chariton, a reporter and executive producer at TYT Politics.

I arrived with Jenn to Jordan’s apartment a few days before the TAtM Summit was supposed to start because I stayed with Jenn in her home in Maryland and accompanied her to DC prior to the TAtM Summit to help out with the Brand New Congress Summit the weekend of November 4 and 5 before even arriving to New York.

Honestly, I thought Jenn was somebody I could trust but I quickly learned that she was more concerned with her upward mobility in TYT and her strange relationship with Jordan than protecting me, a queer Puerto Rican woman.

During my stay in New York, I realized that Jordan had a lot of ‘personality quirks’ right away. One of my initial observations I made was that he constantly projected his feelings onto other people. Additionally, he was constantly asking me to not “psychoanalyze” him.

I started to notice how he manipulated people around him to bow at his feet by convincing them that he was some kind of hero by citing his “work” in Flint and Standing Rock. He made people feel like they owed the world to him for his acknowledgement. The reality is that Jordan exploits the misery and misfortune of other people for TYT’s gain. His “advocacy journalism” has nothing to do with spreading the truth and everything to do with seeking power and control.

My Sexual Harassment Experience at Truth Against the Machine

During the afternoon of November 7, Jordan and Ty were looking through Jordan’s Bumble dating app account. It is one thing if they had quietly talked about the intellectual attractiveness of the women on the app but Jordan would loudly brag and describe the women’s physical appearances off of the app, instead. He would talk about whether or not the people he was looking at were marriage or sex material.

It made me uncomfortable because he would describe women’s breasts or their “tight little bodies.” It weirded me out.

Eventually, I asked Jordan to not talk about the women from Bumble anymore or if he could focus on something other than their physical appearance if he was going to continue to describe these women out loud. That’s when he said to me: “Paula, I feel like you’re trying to police what I say.”

I replied: “I’m not trying to police what you say; I’m trying to make you question and think about what you say before you say it. I’m planting a seed.”

Later before we started watching documentaries that night, I was tying in what I had said earlier to a conversation that we were having at that moment and said: “Remember when you said that I was trying to police what you were saying earlier…” at first he ignored me but I repeated myself and he mumbled: “I never said that to you.” That’s when I started to realize that Jordan was a gaslighter. I had had alarm bells going off in my head and that interaction only confirmed my suspicions that Jordan was, in the least, “problematic.”

The next morning, Jenn, Jordan and me picked up the keys to the Airbnb that was going to house journalists coming to New York from all over the country for this Summit, in front of a nearby coffee shop.

The person with the keys passed off the keys to Jenn because Jordan was too busy lusting after the female barista standing at the cash register in view of the small coffee shop window. Jordan definitely has a type, young, small and petite white women, the American Beauty Standard.

I watched him lick his lips in an exaggerated way and he looked right at me and said: “She’s so beautiful, Paula. Am I allowed to say that?”

I just looked at him like he was crazy and said: “You can look but you don’t always have to make fucking comments on every woman’s body that you see.” As a result, Jordan stuck his neck out and stared at the barista at the cash register and said: “Shall we go inside?”

I said, sure.

Jordan hit on the barista that he had been staring at on the outside of the shop while buying himself, Jenn and me coffee and tea. I thanked him. I tried to push his behavior out of my mind and justified it by convincing myself that it was ‘just normal guy stuff.’ I internally struggled between calling Jordan out for the rest of the trip or dismissing the blatant sexist behavior as an experience in TAtM’s progressive white space.

Meanwhile, Jenn simply laughed at Jordan’s behavior. She’s totally complicit in all of Jordan’s displays of toxic masculinity. The sad thing is that she’s never going to see Jordan as the predator he is because she is benefiting from his social resources.

On November 8, the second Kevin Spacey’s victim’s mother came out with more sexual misconduct allegations against Spacey. I remember the news coverage playing in the background from either MSNBC or CNN, Jordan switched between those two channels during the day. The reporting sparked a conversation between him and Ty that led into a conversation about Louis CK.

Jenn was on the fringes of this conversation. I was sitting on the couch witnessing this conversation in silent disbelief.

Jordan and Ty started saying that, to paraphrase, women who came out about sexual assault sometimes regretted their past sexual encounters. They explained that some women wanted notoriety or that a large percentage of women who came out were liars seeking some form of monetary gain.

That’s when I said: “Do you know how hard it is for a woman to come out about this? I know how hard it is because…” I trailed off because I realized that Jordan, Ty nor Jenn were listening.

Jordan repeatedly said during my stay in his apartment that women who would come out against him were “cooky activists” that they “wanted more views and name recognition” on the Internet which they got by simply mentioning his name. Honestly, Jordan’s following isn’t that big in comparison to other YouTubers.

He just has a really inflated sense of self.

Trisha Paytas has a larger following than he does and all she does is eat and talk on camera about makeup, pop culture and sex toys.

Not only was I finding out that Jordan was a sexist but a rape apologist, as well. I was starting to form a whole new image of someone I used to look up to as a “hero.”

As a survivor of sexual assault, I took it upon myself to debunk Jordan and Tys’ arguments of that day. That’s when I got my phone out and started searching for actual statistics about their claims. Jenn and Jordan had ganged up on me at one point but slowly died away into the lull of the television when I took out my phone and told everyone I was going to fact check what they were saying.

I ended up sharing an article with Ty supporting my argument. He just said that whatever source I was looking at was skewed and that I wasn’t going to be able to find anything on the Internet that was reliable to support my argument.

According to federally collected data, online, only about 2% of rape and sexual assault allegations are found to be false. So, I noted the continuation of gaslighting and kept pushing against their rhetoric.

The days I stayed at Jordan’s I did most of the cooking and cleaning for Jordan, Jenn and Ty because no one else would and I couldn’t stand how messy the place would get since there were four of us staying in his studio apartment. Talk about colonialism. Of course, the Puerto Rican woman ended up cleaning up after everyone.

The sleeping arrangements were as followed: Jenn and I shared the bed at night. Jordan would sleep on the couch. Ty slept on the floor. The loft was full of boxes, luggage and other knick knacks. As the official TAtM Summit was about to begin, I was outliving my usefulness at Jordan’s and lost my spot at his place as more favored journalists started arriving to New York.

Throughout my stay at Jordan’s apartment, I did seek refuge in the loft to unwind, a few times, squeezing in between the junk in his loft to write in my journal and read.

On November 7, I wrote a journal entry about how Jordan’s white Savior Complex was becoming more apparent to me. While I was writing Jordan announced to everyone in the room: “I feel like Paula is going to write an expose about me.” I replied: “I don’t think you’re that important. If I ever had a falling out with you, I don’t think I would write something about it. I’d just move on with my life.”

Little did I know that I would actually have to recount this experience to the public to defend a rape survivor. It outrages me that I still have to deal with blatant sexism and misogyny in the year 2017.

Jordan Chariton is a Fraud.

I was on the inside and that’s how I found out that Jordan was a fraud. I sacrificed a week away from my family to attend a Journalist Summit after working for TAtM starting on Aug 13, 2017 only to end up giving free labor and being sexually harassed, gaslighted and verbally abused by Jordan Chariton, Jenn Dize and Ty Bayliss before the Summit ever began.

The day I was “let go” on November 11, my family was hiking in the mountains of Kentucky while visiting my in-laws. I could have been there with them enjoying their company instead of being subjected to the normality of white male dominance in white spaces in New York City.

After Jordan’s apartment was filled with his and Dize’s favorite journalists from Truth Against the Machine, who unsurprisingly are the ones currently vehemently defending Jordan on social media and most of which have received money from TAtM, I was pushed out of the studio apartment as a burdensome extra exiled to the Airbnb.

The Airbnb had one bed, one bathroom and one sofa. Eventually, an air mattress was brought over but that was only after I grumpily sought the air mattress from a very stoned and drunk crowd of journalists crammed into Jordan’s Upper East Side Manhattan studio apartment on November 10.

In addition, I celebrated my birthday in New York during the Summit with people I thought I was going to forge lifelong partnerships with only to face an ultimate betrayal. This leads me to address the rumors about broken glass.

On the night of November 9, on my birthday, I did drink a lot, almost a whole bottle of pumpkin flavored liquor. At the Airbnb, I accidentally leaned back on a reclining chair that I didn’t know reclined and created a dent in the paint in the wall of the bedroom but the broken glass I’ve been affiliated with fell on accident on the night of November 10 when a fellow co-worker’s CPAP machine knocked the glass over onto the floor off of a small night table.

That night, instead of sharing a bed with Taralei, I had ended up spending the night on an air mattress in the living room with two other people, one on the sofa and another on a makeshift bed created by a sleeping bag they had brought with them and sofa cushions. We all heard the glass break in the other room that I wasn’t in.

The truth is that we were overcrowded at the Airbnb. The other journalists were overcrowded at the studio apartment, too. At the Airbnb, there were five adults staying in a space that was only meant to accommodate four people. What did TAtM expect? There wasn’t enough space for everyone.

Dize told us, those of us who were banished to the Airbnb, not to return to Jordan’s apartment unless we had an appointment scheduled starting on Wednesday, November 8. Yet, other journalists were granted complete access to Jordan’s apartment at all times even though emails, slack messages and text messages were sent to us detailing that we did not need to enter Jordan’s apartment because of ‘one-on-ones with Jordan’ (which weren’t one on ones at all) and for us to “enjoy New York.” It was apparent to me and other journalists at the Summit staying at the Airbnb that favoritism was a part of the TAtM power structure.

Also, somehow, I became tasked with showing every new arrival to the Summit where the Airbnb was and how to get to Jordan’s apartment from the Airbnb. I ended up being responsible for the keys to the Airbnb, most of the time. It was difficult to “enjoy New York” when I was constantly being summoned to let people into the Airbnb.

The lack of beds, food and water reflected to me poor planning and organization on TAtM’s part. There was a reporter staying at the Airbnb who lives in Flint, Michigan. They live 400% below the poverty line and budgeted $20 a day so they could come to the Summit only to discover that the Summit was an unending frat party instead of a serious professional gathering of learned journalists.

In addition to being hoodwinked by Jordan’s actual personality and what TAtM truly represented, over time, I became the Summit greeter. Even though I wasn’t a paid employee, I did what I was asked to do in hopes that upper management at TAtM would remember how helpful I was during the Summit so I could gain access to a larger and more influential social network in the hopes that I could spread more of my experience and knowledge to other people.

What can I say? I was overwhelmed by the potential of status climbing only to find out most of the journalists were hypocritical and problematic garbage. I only found out that I didn’t want access to their tainted networks.

Regardless, I did not go to New York to hang out with Jordan Chariton. I went to the Journalist Summit to figure out what kind of people I was going to be working with, to network and to find out whether or not I was going to dedicate any more time to work for the struggling startup

Slowly, I was figuring out that Jordan was a fraud.

The Truth about TYT Politics

Chariton has no work ethic yet constantly complained about his relations with TYT saying that Cenk was always “jacking off to himself.” On the morning of November 8, I was sitting at Jordan’s desk, in his kitchen, checking in on my husband and son while my phone was charging. I even have a text of me describing to my husband the scene unfolding in front of me at that time because it was so bizarre.

Jordan and Ty were directly in front of me in the bathroom discussing TYT Politics as Ty was trimming Jordan’s beard for him, when suddenly; they shut the door and proclaimed that they were talking on “private matters.”

My interest was piqued but I tried to ignore their conversation. My son had ear infections in each of his ears so my concerns weren’t on them at that moment. That’s when I heard Jordan tell Ty: “What Nomi is doing is unethical. You cannot write speeches for politicians and then report on it!” That’s when I got up from where I was sitting in the kitchen and started looking for my books.

I was slowly starting to realize how disorganized and unplanned the Summit really was and was really disappointed to discover that TYT and TAtM were never trustworthy organizations. These organizations that I thought were dismantling white supremacy and ending the “fascist oligarchy” were only contributing to those current systems and institutions.

I overheard a phone call between Emma Vigeland and Jordan before she went live for TYT Politics to announce some ridiculous rap song collab between Jordan and Ty for a certain increase in viewership, Emma told Jordan that she still hadn’t received an anticipated pay raise as promised by TYT during that conversation. Also, Ty, Emma and Jordan lamented that their paychecks were going to come in late, again, which apparently is standard practice at TYT, how progressive.

Before I was fired, Jordan and I made a video together for TYT Politics about Puerto Rico. Jordan barely skimmed the article that he had chosen to illustrate “the issues,” according to him, happening in Puerto Rico.

As a Puerto Rican, I wanted more time to research the issues and contact my family on the island but, unfortunately, my laptop had become a fire hazard and smelt like it was burning every time I turned it on and the public library was closed because of Veteran’s Day. So, I wasn’t able to do much research. However, there I was with the chance to share what was happening in Puerto Rico with Jordan’s TYT Politics audience so I jumped at the opportunity.

For that livestream, I was the one who actually read the article thoroughly and caught Gohmert’s name which reminded me of Gohmert’s bigoted racist commentary from the past and his connections to Big Oil and Gas donors. Both of these talking points came from my research that we used during the livestream and Jordan never credited me for that work during that livestream.

I’m not the only one who has experienced this.

Jordan has done this to other reporters in the past that have left TAtM and TYT. Jordan has “worked” with other journalists by butchering their content to match his cringe worthy cliché phrase set ups in order to create trauma porn click bait material.

I know this for a fact because not only am I a victim of TYT’s click bait material but I am a part of Jordan’s white Savior Complex. Let me explain.

Jordan’s White Savior Complex

As a 2nd generation Puerto Rican immigrant and as a Puerto Rican who has spent a majority of her life in the Diaspora, I have become acquainted with assimilation and the decolonization of my body and mind.

Looking back, I should have been less surprised when I got fired by Jordan because of prior conversations that I had had involving Jenn, Ty and Jordan before the TAtM Summit ever began but I trusted them. They were supposed to be the good guys.

Jordan’s favorite show is ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ He even has a ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ poster hung up in his studio apartment. The show is written by the guy who wrote Seinfeld; all I know is that that guy’s name is Larry.

In short, Larry plays a character named Larry on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ who is some old white guy who has money and gets into petty and preventable confrontations with other well to do white people and the occasional person of color gets featured on the show as the butt of some joke, typically. So, of course being in a white space because we all know Ty is in the sunken place, I just kept my mouth shut but then Jordan started marathoning ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ on the night of November 7.

Jordan would occasionally ask me if I liked the show and I told him, over and over again, that: “Shows like ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ aren’t made for people like me.” He would get increasingly annoyed with me when I explained to him why the show wasn’t made for a queer lower middle class Latinx person. Every time he asked me why I didn’t like the show, I articulated why I didn’t like it. What can I say? I’m not Larry’s target audience.

Let me explain further, earlier that day, Jordan started saying things like: “Leave some dishes in the sink for me to clean because I’m not ‘colonial.’” “Don’t sweep that I’m not colonial.” One morning Ty cooked breakfast for all of us and Jordan said: “Ty, don’t cook for us, Paula will think that I’m a colonial.”

I think when Jordan started saying that it was in reference to the fact that I talk about neocolonialism in my journalism and in my everyday conversations with him because I had to constantly call him out on his problematic sexism. I could hear in the tone of Jordan’s voice that he was using the terminology of ‘colonial’ in a manner to diminish my arguments. I was becoming the butts of his jokes.

By that point in the night, I had been regretting my decision of going to New York but I was stuck there until Monday, November 13, so I thought.

On November 5, my first night in New York, I called my husband wanting to come home. Unfortunately, we had already bought a bus ticket for me to leave NY the following Monday and I couldn’t afford to leave. My husband and I agreed that I should make the most of the trip. Little did I know that that Saturday, I was going to be returning home on Southwest Airlines on TAtM’s dime.

As the night progressed, there was a window of time between the start time of the Ric Flair documentary on ESPN, a wrestler that Jordan was obsessed with as a kid, of the exact length of a documentary on Netflix called ‘Long Shot.’

Jordan kept telling me that after watching this documentary about Larry that I would completely change my mind about ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ Boy was he wrong.

The documentary was about how a person of color was unjustly arrested for a murder that they didn’t commit. The person accused was a Latinx man. Larry was filming a scene of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ at some sportsball event on the day and time of the murder in question. Come to find out, the accused man had attended the game that night with his daughter and ended up on that episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and Larry saved the day. Well that’s the way that Jordan sees it.

After ‘Long Shot’ ended, Jordan asked me: “Does that make you change your mind about Larry?”

For some reason, the white people in the room thought that it was Larry that I didn’t like not the messed up white supremacist patriarchal imperialist system people of color are subjected to.

I responded: “No. No because that man should have never been arrested to begin with, plus, if Larry didn’t willingly hand over the tapes that would have just made him look like a jerk. Plus, couldn’t of the courts subpoena-ed the film from the production company, anyway?”

This is not the type of response Jordan wanted coming from me, at all. A short debate ensued between Jordan, Ty and I while Jenn dumbly giggled from the bed. Ty ends the conversation by telling me that I was “ungrateful.”

I found the whole exchange amusing. I couldn’t understand why Jordan couldn’t see that his argument was so problematic. Until he added as a throw away comment at the start of the Ric Flair documentary, stating: “Larry is a Hollywood star. When you’re that famous, you don’t owe anything to anyone.”

That’s when I started to realize that Jordan had a white savior complex. He didn’t really care about uplifting people of colors’ voices. He didn’t really care about highlighting police brutality or ending white supremacy in all of its forms because he still benefited from feeling superior over the colonized. He fancied himself a hero however there’s still no clean water in Flint and pipelines are still being built on Native lands. So, I’m not sure where he even gets this inflated sense of self.

I didn’t realize it until after I was dismissed from TAtM while on the plane ride home; Jordan fired me because I threatened his purpose. He thinks people of color and the poor depend on him for exposure. What he doesn’t realize is that the systems of oppression will still exist until the systems are completely reformed or dismantled.

It doesn’t matter how much he thinks he exposes the systems through poverty porn, the system will still exist until those systems are revolutionized and that doesn’t happen through the type of journalism Jordan wants to sell.

On the plane ride home I realized that Jordan thought he owned me because earlier this year in Covington, KY, by chance, I was interviewed by him for TYT Politics. A viewer saw my protest sign and heard about my story about my student and health care debt and related so much to it that they paid off all of my student loan debt.

I think Jordan thinks I owe him every part of who I am because of that but the reality is that I am still over $10,000 in healthcare debt. I owe Jordan nothing. He’s not the one who donated the money to me. A TYT viewer donated that money to me from the kindness of their heart. Jordan always claims that activists are always asking too much of him and that most of them are “cooky.” The reality is that he uses people by making them feel like they owe him something by simply being around him.

The reality is that Jordan is a sham who only cares about himself. Ty and Jordan would bicker all day long about what humanitarian crisis was going to get a visit from them, next, based on whether there were women in an area that were romantically or sexually involved with them.

Ty was constantly on the phone with a revolving door of facetime chats of women from all over the country and Jenn and Jordan normalized his behavior by making racially tinged jokes about it. Needless to say, Jordan loves his access to fangirls no matter how much he talks about wanting to “settle down.” Ty and Jordan both use their links with TYT as a way to get laid. They talked about it so openly with each other. It’s become a normalized exchange between the three of them.

The reality is that Jordan wants to control what you say and how you say it especially if you’re a person of color. I observed it in the dynamic between me and him, and him and Ty. Jordan felt threatened by me because I refused to drink his Koolaid. Chariton cannot stand to be challenged because it requires him to self-reflect on the ways he perpetuates white supremacy and misogyny.

Jordan likes to pretend he understands the complexities of race and poverty but in actuality, he knows nothing about anything because he is blinded by his own privilege like many other so-called “progressives.”

The Truth behind Truth Against the Machine

There’s a reason that Jordan constantly tells his audience not to trust people speaking out against him by saying things like a group of people have a “vendetta” against him and are speaking out only “for views and name recognition” it’s because he would have to unpack his own problematic psychological issues.

Most people who have met Jordan knows he self-medicates himself with a variety of substances like the Hunter S. Thompson wannabe he is.

After I was fired, a group of us organically assembled. I told them my story about the day I got “let go” and the sexual harassment I experienced and rape apology I had heard from Jordan and Ty, firsthand. Then I found out about Carly Hammond.

The reality is that Chariton is purposefully seeking vulnerable women to fill the positions at TAtM, soon to be rebranded as Fight.News, to facilitate the creation of poverty and trauma porn for a middle class audience co-opting the movements of people of color and the poor for a profit, a practice mastered by TYT. All of the while Jordan is increasing his fangirl base to sexually exploit and traumatize more women.

The real ‘Corporate Con job’ is Jordan Chariton’s business model and practices. It has nothing to do with elevating the voices of marginalized people. It’s about barging into communities and spaces as if he belongs in them and exploiting the poor for his own gain whether it’s for profit or fame, it doesn’t matter, he wants both. He thrives on gaining “name recognition.”

The TatM Summit was a boot camp to create miniature Jordan Charitons. It’s not about taking down systems at all. The structure of TAtM isn’t anything novel. It’s based off the typical hierarchical power structure that most companies are built upon which is nothing revolutionary. TAtM is just another wannabe subsidiary of TYT. You can’t dismantle systems of white supremacy by modeling a company after other corrupt models.

Controlling the Dialogue

One thing my abusive and traumatic childhood taught me is that I will be the only one to stand up for myself. If I have the confidence to stand up for myself, then I can only hope to transfer my strength so other people can come out and tell their stories and call out Jordan’s rape apology and white supremacy.

With the way Jordan and TAtM management hits below the belt and lying isn’t obviously beneath them, I won’t be surprised if things about my past and traumatic experiences were “leaked” as a part of the TYT investigation. I don’t care about my reputation. My main concern is that more vulnerable women will be recruited into this organization and subjected to exploitation, trauma and abuse.

Intersectionality is vital because white supremacy is built on a patriarchal system. White supremacy, misogyny and rape culture are intertwined and until we realize all of our struggles are interrelated our movements will never merge and our voices will constantly be competing against one another.

Rape culture has always been a part of the progressive movement because the progressive movement is built on a hierarchical and patriarchal structure. An extension of rape culture is the silence and secrecy surrounding sexual harassment and assault to protect white progressive men in leadership roles under the illusion that staying quiet about rape allegations protects an organization from falling apart.

The reality is when there’s a rapist in your midst, someone will be raped again, especially when they are a predator like Jordan.

Liberalism promotes the idea that free speech means all speech deserves protection and equal standing, and yet, people would rather shame women for sharing their experiences about predators than calling out racists and misogynists who are constantly spewing their rape apology lies in progressive circles.

Progressivism and Liberalism is a safe space for white aggressive males who perpetuate white supremacy and colonialism. It’s an ideology that gaslights people of color while tokenizing them and perpetuating stereotypes about them to serve as entertainment for white progressive movements and organizations. People of color will never be equals in these circles to the white man.

Me coming out about Jordan Chariton has nothing to do with being jealous or wanting to fit into an elite crowd of intellectuals because, firsthand, Jordan and his friends are not that smart. Jordan has depended on white mediocrity to get him where he is today.

I know now that I can never trust white progressive men, ever again. I may not be able to trust white men, period, because white men in these circles will protect another man’s reputation before they protect a woman’s unconscious body.

I don’t want to run in the circles that Jordan Chariton is a part of because of the toxic masculinity. Plus, most of the people that Jordan trusts are absolute trash. They are not good people who care about marginalized communities and intersectionality. They only care about promoting themselves and being recognized as white saviors swooping in to tape poverty porn for the affluent masses.

No other woman deserves to go through what I went through. No one deserves to feel like a tokenized character in a Hollywood movie written and directed by some old white pervert. No other woman deserves to have their body stared at like the last chocolate sprinkle cone at an ice cream parlor. No other woman deserves to be inappropriately grouped by Jordan. No other woman deserves to be raped by Jordan. No other young and vulnerable woman living in poverty should be made to feel that they owe some affluent white man their bodies to gain “connections.”

That’s what Jordan did. He preys on poor young women who thought he was a hero only to find out he was just another scum bag sexist.

Jordan’s behavior and brazenness reflects the system of white patriarchal control over women’s bodies, policing what we can and cannot say because it displeases him especially because it’s about power and control not equality or equity or seeking the truth.

By releasing his blog piece, Chariton was only trying to control the dialogue before the dialogue had even started. It was Jordan’s failed attempt of damage control. At this point, I don’t care if people believe me or not. Men like Jordan will tell on themselves. He’s too narcissistic and egotistical to let this go. It’s only a matter of time. What did Jordan Chariton think was going to happen to him when he amassed “a team of talented investigative journalists from all over the country?”