Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Roy woke up with a sudden amazement in the morning at 6 0'clock. Sitting on his bed, he realized that he did not hear any bird chirping like all the other days. He looked outside the window and looked for the birds and there was not any. “Strange!” Roy thought to himself. “Probably the birds were scavenging today somewhere.” With a surprising face, after a while, he got down from his bed and then took a shower. Later he took his breakfast somehow and dressed as quickly as possible to go to his office. After starting the car, he played a radio channel to listen to the morning news. But, there was no signal today. After a while, with the irritation for all the anomalies that he had started to face that day, he became even more surprised after noticing that there was no bird anywhere at all. People were walking and nobody had any dog. He also realized that Dairy farm that he always used to pass by during his trip toward his office was empty with no cow. Only the farmers were sitting outside the cowshed. They all looked surprised.
Roy thought, “Am I still dreaming? Or I have lost my mind? All the animals have disappeared!” So he took a detour and drove to his friend Anita’s house. Roy, after reaching and entering Anita’s house, said to her, “Did you see any animal today, Anita?” Anita replied with a surprised face, “What do you mean? My Annabelle is always with me.” Roy made a strange face and looked for Anita’s cat, Annabelle, which was just behind the couch.
“Very Strange! All the animals are gone, except Annabelle!” Roy said.
Anita, this time with an angry face, asked, “What do you mean again, Mr.?”
“Go outside and look for any animal. You will not find one.”
“Are you ok? Isn’t Annabella an animal? And where would all they go?
“I don’t know. Come with me.”
Roy held her left hand and took her outside. He at first made her to notice that there were no birds. Then he looked for the ants or any kind of insect on the front yard. There was none of them too. That made Anita surprised this time. She thought how could that be possible. Suddenly she went inside the house and took Annabelle on her lap and told Roy to follow him.
Anita was heading to her neighboring house to figure out what was going on. They found there Mrs. Jennit sobbing on her couch.
Anita quickly went to her and asked, “What happened Ms. Jennit?”
“I don’t find Lucy, my dog, since the morning.”, Jennit replied.
“All the animals are gone except my Annabelle.”
“What are you talk…”
“Is your cat, Sushi, in the house?”
“Yes, she is in my room somewhere. Why?”
Anita ran toward Mrs. Jennit’s room and found Sushi staring at the red wind spinner hung outside the window. Anita came back to Roy and Mrs. Jennit and said to them, “No animal is currently in our city or probably in the world anymore except cats. That’s why your dog is not here but your cat is. We did not see any bird or insect either outside.”
“That’s very strange.” Mrs. Jennit said with a shocking face.
“We are going to live on a planet with cats only?” Roy asked.
“This is what it seems like. That means no meat or no milk.” Anita said. Mrs. Jennit added to them, “That also means, I will never see another animal like Lucy ever again!” She started to cry again. Anita went near to her and held her hands strongly and said, “We still have our cats to be happy with.” Mrs. Jennit said, “That’s true”. Roy immediately said, “Well, I am going to miss the birds’ chirping every morning. But I am relieved to realize that there will be no insect or venomous snake at least.”
Silence appeared among the three people and just at that point Roy started the TV. The news is everywhere- “Every animal except the Cats has vanished from the face of the earth.” They were staring at the news with glaring eyes. Suddenly, Mrs. Jennit shouted with the words, “Food Chain.” Anita said, “What?” They looked at each other for a while and Mrs. Jennit said, “The end of the world is near. Because without any animal except the cats, the food chain will be ruined. We might enjoy the Cats’ caress and cuteness for a while, but a shortage of food supply will take place for every single plant and human and cat eventually. There will be no ecological balance.”
Hearing that, both Roy and Anita became very surprised and gloomy. They both sat on the couch straight. Anita started to cry after contemplating over what Mrs. Jennit said.
The birds started to chirp and Roy could hear them very clearly. He opened his eyes and light was coming from the gaps of his window’s curtains. He woke up surprisingly sweating and opened the curtains to realize the birds were back. He peeked through the window and saw a person was walking with his dog. After that, he cleaned his sweaty face with a towel and looked at the clock and he was not late at all. It was exactly 6 am. He looked at the surroundings of his room and with a big relief and he thought, “Thank God. It was just a dream.”