The “More-ness” of Privilege
Joel Leon.

Joel speaks about two very human traits: 1) the push for more of anything and everything; and 2)the egocentric nature of the human species.

Put these two together and it’s predictable that articles such as these will be forthcoming.

The fact this article was put on line is a push for more, more publicity, more visibility, more for the author. As I too am doing by taking time to respond to Joel’s push for a larger (more) audience.

More is always relative to what “I” think or perceive others to have. The egocentric part is the tendency to skew my perceptions of what I have or don’t have in comparison to what others have. Most mammals do this. Most living entities can do this, want what “other” has and then a little bit more.

Where the human runs into trouble is that we don’t stop doing what ever we can to have and get “More” regardless of what we already have. If we can get it, “Why not?” So our country for example, uses approximately 70% of world wide resources to support the life style of Americans who constitute only 20% of the world’s population. We are the international privileged.

But, still we complain and want the “more” that we think the other guy (white, black or whatever color) has. Until someone or something stops us, we are hard wired to show our “privilege” to get more and have more than the other person, tribe, nation, or country. And that’s when the fight starts.

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