As a way of underlining the importance of Steven Levy’s terrific article and Ashton Applewhite’s…
Bob Stein

Sometimes I daydream of working at a tech company where the employees are all experienced tech veterans over 40. It’s a magical place… we’d get so much done, make balanced decisions, enjoy clear communication, and be grateful for our opportunities.

We’d be more aware of our own egos and more easily keep them in check, accept people who are different, understand that life is more than a paycheck, and that an individual is not defined by the company that issues one. But, we’d also understand how to devote ourselves to a goal and a purpose, and have the patience and care to see things through. We’d appreciate that a browser was not originally designed to be a collaboration tool and recognize herd mindsets, because we’ve lived without the Internet and learned through several evolutions of technology (IBM VNET anyone?).

It’s hard to find hiring managers who see all those things in a candidate who is over 40, or over 50, or 60; they usually just see an ‘old person’, or someone who is ‘overqualified’, or ‘not a good team fit’…

A resume is is like a jail cell after you’ve been in your career more than twenty years. If you force yourself into a two page jail cell, you may never get out.

If I find or create that magical place, I hope to see you there!

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