Tanya Knox

I would like to respond to your post by saying, people will criticize you for any choice you make. When pregnant with my fourth child, at 35, I was so very tired of hearing “ I guess you haven’t figured out how babies are made “, and all sorts of other unwanted comments. So depressing! I would never comment on any person’s decision about children. I don’t know what gives people the right to think they ought to comment on your choices.

I had post partum depression after my third, and could not pick a name for her. It took a long time to get help, even though I knew what was wrong. Seven months after her birth, and with my medication finally working, she had a name. I cannot begin to count the awful, humiliating comments I had to endure during that nightmare. I stopped going out to avoid comments, but my family members were the worst.

Sorry to hear of your unpleasant experiences!

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