Life can change in a moment…

A few months ago I received Facebook message from a dear friend. She wanted to know how I was doing and asked about my girls and my husband. This wasn’t unusual for her. She was beautiful lady and was always concerned about others.

I remember meeting her many years ago but recently we had become very close. I realized a long time ago she had a huge heart. She loved everyone. She was feisty and full of spunk.

She once called me to share that she and I were kindred spirits. She shared with me that she knew I was unhappy and she encouraged me to go out and find my happiness. I cried for hours on the phone with her. She was a special lady. She lit up a room. She loved big. And I loved and adored her.

A few weeks ago I was in Huntsville, Alabama and I saw her son and I told him I was planning on seeing his mom before I left town. He said to me “Prepare yourself before you see her”. There were too many people around us to ask him what he meant. So I got her address and my husband and I went to see her.

Now the funny thing is I had been to her house twice for lunch but couldn’t recall the neighborhood. So after an hour of trying to locate her house we arrived. After greeting her other visitors and family. I finally made it to her bedside.

Her words “My Paula, I’ve missed you”. I embraced her and kissed her hand. She held my hand and Redell’s hand together and kissed us both.

I spent the most beautiful hour with her. I always joked with her about being the most famous Adventist mother. She laughed. But it was true she was famous not because of her sons but because she was loved by so many. This chick was fabulous and she had a heart of pure gold. I loved her sense of humor. I loved her whit.

She passed away six days after my visit. God is so merciful. He spoke to me and told me I needed to see her before I left Huntsville. I’m glad I did.

I will miss her jokes! I will miss her love and support. She said to me “ I loved you from the moment I met you”. I still love her and I always will.

I can’t wait to see her again. I promised her someday I would write about our conversation. Someday I will when the tears don’t overwhelm me. I’m thankful to God for creating her. She was my friend and I’m sure I’m not the only one who had this love for her. But she loved us all.

Ruth Elaine Willis McKnight…what a woman.