It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

Hillary Clinton was not entitled to the Presidency. None of us were entitled to a “First Woman President.” Neither the Democratic Party, nor Hillary Clinton, nor anyone else is entitled to my vote or yours. Bernie Sanders doesn’t owe anyone any apologies for running a strong campaign that spoke to the needs and values of the people of this country in a way that Hillary’s campaign did not.

As an organizer for Bernie Sanders during the primary, I have been on the receiving end of all sorts of attacks and demands from establishment Democrats. I have voted Democrat for my whole adult life. I have volunteered, phonebanked, canvassed, held house parties, donated and otherwise supported this party and its candidates for my whole adult life. What I saw in this election cycle was millions of people who have been marginalized and disaffected coming out to register to vote, to organize, to canvass, phonebank and otherwise participate in Democracy because what Bernie Sanders said spoke to them, to their needs and their values. They don’t owe you anything; the party abandoned them long ago.

The party abandoned my state long ago and left it to the GOP. The only concern that any Democrat outside of my state has had for years is in making us the butt of their privileged jokes. Hillary didn’t even bother to come here to campaign. The national Democratic Party doesn’t help us with funding and doesn’t even send anyone to campaign here. Nobody in my state owed Hillary Clinton their vote and they don’t owe you or anyone else an apology.

I have paid close attention to what has gone on in my party over the past 40 years. I have seen what it was and what it became under the philosophy that the Clintons brought with them when they won the White House. This party, which used to stand for the common man, the worker, the minority, the downtrodden, has not only moved away from representing those people, it has come to a place where it openly sneers at them. And now you demand an apology from those people who didn’t vote the way you wanted them to and had the unmitigated gall in a democracy to question the policies and lack thereof of President Obama over the last 8 years.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Try reading some Thomas Frank. Look up an economist named Professor William Black. Research the Democratic Leadership Council and neoliberalism. You are misinformed and underinformed and misguided and probably young, so I will forgive your rudeness and your ignorance. I only hope that you will inform yourself so that you have a better understanding of the situation we face in this country and the world before the next election cycle.