Answers to My Extended Family’s Burning Questions About “How Comedy is Going”

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Hello, extended family members and their significant others that I’ll refer to only as “that one guy…Jared, I think it was???” for the next 5 years!

It’s the holiday season, which means 2 things — that terrifying animatronic snowman comes out of hiding (burn. it.), and constantly asking me “so, how’s comedy going?!” in a way that one might ask a kindergartner is they’re studying hard. (If you have to ask, you know the answer to both of these questions already.)

To save us both from a conversation so awkward that we’d both need need 3 cups of Aunt Beth’s “Wine Surprise” to recover from (the surprise is more wine), I’ve compiled a list of answers to all the questions you could possibly have below.

  1. NO, I can’t “tell you a joke.” It doesn’t work that way. That’d be like asking you to “do me some data finance money.” (I guess the real story here is that I don’t actually know what you do for a living.) I can, however, do a 30 minute solo improv set, if you give me a suggestion of anything at all, a Bentwood chair, and your complete undivided attention. Now get ready to watch me make “woosh-ing” sounds with my mouth while pretending to hold a shovel! (I spent $5000 to learn this.)

I hope these answers provide the insights you were looking for so we can spend the holidays focusing on what really matters — the upcoming Kohl’s After Christmas sale. Happy holidays!

Writer, Comedian, Pretty Big Billy Joel Fan. Co-host of Being Earnest Podcast.

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