School time is over, finally?

It’s true. School officially is over, here’s how my last school week of all time flew away.

As mentioned my last school week was the famous themed week. And honestly: it was more than amazing, and obviously it was way too short. It’s so typical that every time something gets so perfect, you’d never wanted it to end, it ends. Kind of out of the nowhere and still so expected.

My themed week is impossible to put in words, but I’ll try:
Besides dressing in super cute, funny, unique or kind of typical customs, people taking photos of the last few moments in togetherness and our teachers celebrating with us, besides the loud music we were listening to, the games we played with lower classes and the goodbye- breakfasts we had with some of our teachers, yeah and also besides of us challenging them through a competition we made up, and them, the teachers, making a fool out of themselves, well besides all of that we made our themed week seem just like a typical school week. Not thinking too much about this one being our last one. I think that thinking about the last week as being the last week too much would have made me feel like drowning, or more like knowing that was going to drown without being able to do anything against it.

I’d say that I still haven’t realized that this is it. I don’t really feel the pain I expected. But yes there is a small sharp pain which I cannot assign to anything specific. Honestly, so many things have happened within the last week, I’m not sure how I feel about anything. They’re simply so mixed up, I couldn’t say what exactly it is making me feel sad or happy or whatsoever. 
I should later definitely be writing another story about what has happened. But not now, later.

Nevertheless, school is over and so is the partying, now I’ll have to learn and prepare myself for the final exams and the future. It’s going to be a lot of work and not seeing my friends everyday is probably not going to help at all. I miss them, already. But I’m sure, that I’ll see them soon…