We’re all replaceable in some kind of way

Something I realized yesterday was that I would get over it. And when talking about “it” I mean graduating, leaving school and never seeing some of my classmates ever again, because of not being close enough with them. It’s going to be weird, on the one hand I am going to be extremely happy and relieved, on the other hand however I will be sad. But after all I will get over it. Here’s why:

One thing I have learned (due to changing schools) is that everyone is replaceable. Of course not *everyone*, but almost. Before moving back to Germany from London, I would have never dared to dream, that my life here could be just as good as it was back then- turns out it’s even better. Sure, I didn’t imagine myself crying all night long, but you know, even though I sometimes become sad, missing my friends from over there, I am kind of glad that we moved back here, I am kind of glad that I was able to meet so many great people- and that was not what I expected.
Furthermore I know see that my“old” friends are moving on too. I did not leave this huge gap, which I hoped for, just to feel a little special and better. No, after all I am glad that they’re living their lives, even if it has to be without me. And that’s exactly what I am doing right now and how I will be doing it after school too.

I will experience amazing new things, when hopefully traveling to Melbourne. And I will also meet great new people, maybe I will fall in love or meet someone I would be happy to call my friend. I also intend to be happy and to be enjoying every moment. I wanna take all the opportunities I will have. I will be going for it all.

So because of all of this experience I have had at the age of 17. And because of all the great things expecting me. Yes and also because of most likely staying in contact with some really important friends I met within the last two years, I know that I will get over it. And I know that everyone, who might actually be sad not to see me ever again, will get over me too, because in some sad and strange way, we’re all replaceable.

But as long as we all leave a small mark on each other’s lives, as long as we will be remembered, being replaceable doesn’t hurt too much. It actually becomes okay.

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