Things to keep in mind when investing in app

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When you look around the world, you can see lots of businesses centred on different business models. Many of them may have set a global footprint, while many are still growing on. Right investment in right area and right time is one of the factors that decide the growth of any organization. Mobile app development is not exception of that.

Below are given some considerations that you need to keep in mind when investing an app:

Things to consider when investing in app:
1. Which mobile app development company I need to choose
This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. Developing the app from the best mobile app development company in Los Angeles or in your preferred city can make your app a real winner.

2. Proper market research
You need to study the category where your application performs, which can give you some knowledge about your target audience such as their devices (iOS, Android, etc.), geography, and language etc. Meanwhile, you also need to study your competitors, means how they are ranking for their apps in the app store, and for which keywords etc. This examination could really be valuable for getting your application before the right audience. This research will help you to gain ideas that your prospective competitors use to succeed.

3. Feedback Loop
For instance, you invest your valuable time and money in developing the app. You think your app will get good reviews once it reaches to the audience. It may get some reviews, which helps to evaluate your app. Another way of getting reviews is that is within your teams that you can discuss which feature is lagging in the particular app. Beta testing is a good option to get some fair direct input from your intended interest group.

4. Proper way of marketing
Most of the app investors make the mistake is that they start marketing their app very late. This lags their marketing strategy, and leads to loss in the invested business.

What is the basic checklist of activities that you need to keep in mind before taking the step into marketing?
1. Find out the unique selling point to your app by comparing with your competitors
2. Optimize for the app store, which plays a crucial role in your app success: Some tips to optimize your app:
a) App name should be with common search terms
b) Give an attractive description about your app in 4–5 lines
c) Create good screenshots and videos
d) Maintain good reviews

3. Make a blog and start marketing on social media 
4. Visit forums and start interacting with users and create awareness about your app 
5. Create press kit that should include app icons in different sizes, screenshots, and other info about your app
6. Go for banner ads 
7. Make advance announcement of app release

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