FuGenX Technologies

FuGenX Technologies is a prominent Android and iphone apps development company in los angeles and California. FuGenX Technologies has a good app development team with 8 years of experience. FuGenX deals with different technologies like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android app development. FuGenX is an award winning Mobile app development company with 200+ expert mobile app developers in various platforms.

FuGenX has developed more than 1000+ mobile apps, among them many are award-winning and top 10 listed apps and games. FuGenX has continued to be a leader in consumer app development with no end in sight. To know more about FuGenX’s app development service, you can reach or drop a mail at

Neon Roots

Neon Roots specializes in responsive mobile solutions and websites, database and a range of business solution and user custom application development. They take the challenging projects to give the best output. The company’s headquarters is located in California.


Applica is a leading Android app development company in Los Angeles. They have developed mobile apps for companies like Disney and Google as well as for startups like Level up and Glamsquad.They have been ranked as the best mobile app development company consecutively for three years. They also do responsive web development as well as build backend infrastructure for mobile apps using Google App Engine.


Citrusbyte was founded in 2007. It has around twelve years of experience, and builds world class mobile apps. They focus on web application development as well.

Arc Touch

Arc Touch is a top app development company in Los Angeles and Sacramento. They create apps for Android, iPhone, Blackberry. They can handle the entire app creation process from design to development. They have developed more than two hundred apps for a large number of companies including AKQA ,Walmart, Merck, Honeywell, MillerCoors, Travelocity and Sony. They received several awards.


Weezlabs is located in LA. It is one of the best Android app development companies in Los Angeles and they are also in website development. When comes to mobile app development, they deals with iPhone and Android. Weezlabs serve IT solutions for companies that have an ongoing development needs including web development

Who We Are and What We Do?

We are FuGenX Technologies, a premiere mobile app development company in Los Angeles, have developed more than thousand plus mobile apps.

We help clients define, design and develop mobile apps. To build your app in an advanced way or to rebuild your app, we help you. We help you to enter into new markets by giving the best app to your organization


· BigBasket

· Byju’s Classes Mentor

· Homserviz

· Vodafone Conferencing

· PRAXAIR (Trip Manager)

If you are planning to develop quality and modernized app for your organization, then FuGenX could be a right place. We are ready to help you to build a world class app for your firm.

You can reach us at or

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