‘Love this cardboard box!’

ove this cardboard box.
Love it!
It’s got everything you’d ever want or need.
Love it!
It’s sweet. It’s neat.
Has four sides too.
Love this cardboard box.
It’s got right angles galore.
Plus a top, a bottom,
An inside and an outside.
(The inside isn’t outside,
And the outside isn’t inside.)
Love it!…
Did you know that cardboard?…
What is a box?
What is a cardboard box?
What can I say?
It’s got everything you’d ever need or want.
Love it!
Love this cardboard box.
A brown cardboard box -
That’s what you got.
Love it. Feed it. Need it.
What you want?
You got the box.
Love the box.
Need the box.
How square can a box be?
This square!
There’s no box squarer.
Feel this box.
Know it.
Hold it in your arms
For forever and a day.
Seek union.
Be at one.
Know it again…
This brown box!
Caress its sides.
Fondle its corners.
Ooooh… this fucking box!….

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