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Choosing a CMS

To start any project, we take the time to work with you defining the goals, audiences, features and functionality. Once understanding this, we can recommend which content management system suits the needs of the project better. We like to pick the right peg for the right hole and spend effort adding value to the build rather than reinventing the wheel.

Why choose Craft?

Live Preview Content

Your content comes in all shapes and sizes and there’s often not a one-size-fits-all magic wand. This is where Craft comes in. We build a Craft CMS to be modular, meaning that page content can be created in any order you like, only limiting you by your imagination rather than the tool. …

Founded in 2006, Envato has over six million community members in over 200 countries. Creative sellers have over nine million creative assets on Envato, used by everyone from corporates, to agencies, to small businesses and other start ups.

To design a website looked at by millions of designers, creative and web professionals each year is a challenge to say the least. But it’s a challenge that agency Carter Digital relished and, together with Envato, has created a new digital home for the the brand behind the popular creative marketplace at

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But Envato is known for its individual product marketplaces such as ‘Themeforest’ and ‘Audio Jungle’, rather than the brand itself. The new works as a platform to introduce all product offerings, but keep a core focus on the Envato story. …

We’ve recently started using Slack at Carter. What’s Slack you may ask? Slack is many tools built in to one; you’d instantly recognise it as a messaging platform but it’s much more than that, let me explain.

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Let me try an explain why we prefer Slack to the competition.

Team Communication

Ok, email sucks, It just plain does. If you’re like me you get email from all sorts of sources, some meaningful and important, some sent by robots (LinkedIn requests etc), some from my team, some less important or even worse — spam.
Google have tried ‘fixing’ this by separating email in to an “Important” folder, and the excellent Outlook app for iPhone has made an effort to do this via a “Focussed” area, however none of these address the real issue — receiving email in the first place. …


Paul Beardsell

MD & Technical Director of @_CarterDigital, an award winning User Experienced focussed digital agency

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