Stories of the 90’s explored the nature of threat and destruction. Films like Terminator 2, Independence Day and Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead all have one common theme: a fear of death.

I say that, but the latter of the three paints a rosy picture of death, but emphasises a greater fear, a fear of being hunted down. And that is the key component; fear.

Fear is what stops us from doing things, from exploring options. Fear is a very real emotion. It is also potentially a great driver.

In some cases, fear paralyses us. It stops us from taking action, and in doing so, it limits us, and makes us sitting ducks.

The challenge is not to focus on the fear of failure, but to ask what must and can be done to escape failure. This reveals the path forward to take.

It is the most important struggle of our lives. To recognise our nature, but to understand how to combat it, and to conquer it.

We have no choice but to face fear in our lives, but we must dig deeper and find out what we are truly capable of.

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