Five Sexiest Homes for Sale in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California — March 2015

By: Paul Brocchini & Mark Ryan

Before getting to our nominees, a word about gender. Carmel houses are like boats, they are all females. If perchance you prefer guys to dolls, change all of the she’s to he’s and the beauties to hunks, and, voila, you are there.

Number 5:

Torres and 9th, $1,495,000.

You don’t have to have mega-millions to romance a stunning Carmel abode. Take this beauty on Torres and 9th, just three blocks to Ocean Avenue. Her make-up is impeccable, and you can hold hands looking out on a gorgeous, in-town, green ravine.

Number 4:

Carmelo and 12th, $2,495,000.

When you date this knock-out she will take you to her ocean view balcony, prepare a gourmet meal in her elegant kitchen and allow you to sneak in the downstairs room when her other favorite is out of town.

Number 3:

Mission and 7th, $4,995,000

Ever dreamed about having a lover with a great pad on 5th Avenue? Well, this darling is not in New York with ten million people but Carmel-by-Sea with 3,800, and so close to town you can roll out of bed and be on Ocean Avenue. And she is all dolled up, a Miss America candidate for sure.

Number 2:

Scenic and Ocean, $7,950,000

We are moving up to former debutantes now so you have to lay out some cash to get her attention, She needs some room to stretch and offers twice as much breathing room as her smaller competition and she can step right onto the beach from her yard.

Number 1:

Carmel Way, $37,500,000

When you realize that Carmel Valley Ranch, 500 acres, Peter Dye designed golf course, hotel and much more was happy to find a suitor with only $18 million in his jeans, you have to know that here is a high-maintenance lady. But, if you can afford her, she is worth every dime. She resides in Carmel-by-the-Sea but to visit her you have go inside the Pebble Beach Gate. And what parties she can throw, right on the Pacific and only a short approach shot from the Pebble Beach golf course. Funny, she has only four bedrooms in 12,688 square feet but, regardless, she is the life of the party.

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