#ImWithHer Only Because Michelle Said So…

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” — Lena Horne

Hillary Clinton is the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee.

I’ll be honest, when it comes to my enthusiasm about the prospect of Hillary Clinton being in the Oval Office I can only compare it to the release of a Jennifer Hudson album.

Yes, I know about it.

How can you miss it as loud as it is?!

Yes, she sounds good.

But I’ll be damned if I’m buying it.

I’m a Bernie Bro. A Black. Broke. Logical one with no desire to storm and burn the White House like it’s the War of 1812 unlike my non melinated compadres, but a Bernie Bro nonetheless.

From day one of the Sander’s campaign, I felt the Bern.

I truly believed and still do, that Bernie Sanders is a true transformative leader that this country is in dire and desperate need of. This year was the first primary I have ever voted in and my first time voting as a New Yorker. Outside of casting a ballot to elect the first President to ever wear a durag and cocoa butter 8 years ago, I have never been more proud to vote in a Presidential election. Bernie’s authenticity and true commitment to the Black community, women and the financially and socially marginalized resonated deeply with me as a member of the 99%.

Bernie Sanders is a fighter, leading the battle against capitalism, nepotism and corporate greed. He is an organizer, one who was able to bring together millions of people and finance an entire national campaign for Presidency based on individual private donations from the American people and not sponsored by corporations.

But most importantly, Bernie represents the underdogs of the world. Those of us who talk and scream and really care about our causes and our people, but because we choose to be above the fray we often don’t get heard. Bernie is our champion. He stands for what all of us who are forced to live amongst one another in America, whether through a history of choice or a history of enslavement, should stand for, justice, equality and empathy.

But alas, thanks to yall’s aunties and deacon boards, Hillary Clinton, the Jordan 12s, Trojans and Johnson and Johnson brand we trust of Democratic politics, is our nominee.

And I get it.

At the end of the day, as much as I may want to swag surf with Bernie and run these streets…bruh bruh ain’t on the ballot no mo. I can’t vote for him in November.

But that wasn’t enough to make me vote for Hillary “Super Predator Hot sauce in my Bag I said a flip flop, the flippie, the flippie, to the flip, flip flop, and you don’t stop, a rock it, to the bang bang boogie, say, up jump the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat” Clinton.

And I’ve got to hand it to y’all…you tried everything to convince me.

You convinced President Obama to stop begging Sasha and Malia to teach him how to Milly Rock on any block long enough to hold a press conference to deliver an enthused, roused, though obligatory endorsement of Mrs. Clinton, the then presumptive nominee.

You convinced Vice President Joe Biden to stop playing Pokémon Go for a second and get in formation long enough to put on his best smile and cat daddy comb back to tell the nation to make Mrs. Clinton the next President.

Bill Clinton gave numerous interviews via satellite from King of Diamonds to tell the world to vote for his wife.

Senator Elizabeth Warren took a break from cussing out Donald Trump and his mama on Twitter and broke out her best cobalt Eileen Fisher and Talbot pant suits to tell America that she too was with her.

Hell, y’all even got Bernie Sanders himself to endorse Hillary by looking his staunchest supporters in the eye and reading from the book of 702 and say:

I don’t really wanna go,

I don’t really wanna stay,

But I really hope and pray,

Can we get it together?

Even after a whole entire week of angry white men in ill fitting suits yelling at us like Miss Milly yelled at Miss Sophia on Christmas Day to take her ass home in The Color Purple and blaming everybody in sight with melanin and the ability to form natural wave patterns in their hair for their own ignorance at the Klan meeting that was the Republican National Convention, that still wasn’t enough for me and a number of other Big Mad Bernie supporters.

We didn’t care how many of Steve Harvey’s vintage Def Jam Comedy suits Hillary wore, she could never be our Queen of Comedy or Politics. Not the way our God was setup. No sir. Not today. Not ever.

Oh but God….

You guys must really study your word and were ready to show thy self approved. Because you held on to the big gun, the big Joker. The Closer.

You brought out the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.


Mrs. Obama took the stage at the Democratic National Convention on Monday night and did what she always does.

She closed the deal.

Mrs. Obama laid out the case for Mrs. Clinton by rendering an endorsement that only she could deliver. She spoke about the pressures, stresses and struggles of being in the public eye. Raising two Black girls into beautiful, smart women and having to trust they will be safe in a world that has a tendency to be so dangerous and so cruel. She spoke about the progress this country has made in spite of the bigotry that is being toyed with, enflamed, packed and sold as a commodity during not only this election cycle but for generations in this country. She spoke about the high hopes she has for America that she realizes can come true every morning that she wakes up as a Black woman and First Lady in a house built by slaves in a country that is also a house built by slaves. She spoke about how our children will never know a world where a Black man or a woman can’t be President.

Look at all that progress.

Mrs. Obama made it very clear that we still have much progress to make and that in her vision for America and its continuous march onward and upward, there is only one person in the Presidential race that can deliver and continue the battle. Mrs. Clinton.


For real?!

What am I supposed to do with that?!

I’m going to argue with the smartest, greatest Black woman orator in history?

I mean damn! I’m with her, I guess…

Regal. Poised. Stunning. Beautiful. Intelligent. Inspiring.

Mrs. Obama did what Black women have done in and for this country time and time again…. Saved ourselves from ourselves.

In the face of adversity, Black women do not run for cover. They stand tall, side part under their hair like Melanie from The Game and march directly into the flames to save as many lives as they can. Not for the fame. Not for the glory. But for the humanity and the culture.

When Harriet Tubman saw no way out of slavery for her and her people. She took it upon herself to become the Moses of her people, leading thousands of enslaved Black men, women and children out of the darkness and death that was the South and into the hope that was the North. You saved us.

When Ida B. Wells grew weary of watching Black people in Memphis and all over this country being lynched, she took it upon herself to stand up and fight for Black Lives answering the call to present a united front, a safe haven and an advocate for the rights of Black America by becoming one of the founders of the NAACP. Black Lives Mattered to Ida. You saved us.

When Rosa Parks grew tired of having to diminish her existence and bow in the presence of white men and women simply because of the color of their skin. When Rosa grew tired of having to stand and give up her seat that she rightfully owned and worked for both on that bus in Montgomery and in life as a Black woman, she sat. And in that moment, that hot bus seat was a throne. Fitting of a queen, who said I won’t tire easily, sparking the beginning of the greatest civil rights government for Black Americans in this country. You saved us.

And today, in the face of bigotry. In the face of a tyrant. A political party and political candidate that chooses to toy with racism, white supremacy, homophobia, Islamophobia and paint a dark, dystopian picture of America that is in dismay solely because of dark skinned people, Michelle Obama stood up and rebuked it all. You saved us.

Black women have been here all along. Fighting for the right to be bold, proud and authentically Black women, secure in their own skin, so that you too as not just Black men and women, but ALL Americans can live freely and be secure in yours.

Black women gave birth to the world and I’m convinced they will be the ones to save it. You stand in the gap for the rest of America even when we don’t return the favor. Compartmentalizing and bifurcating your Blackness and your feminism.

Hillary, you need the voice of Black women like Mrs. Obama, Donna Brazille, the Mothers of the Movement. Women who are not afraid to be strong, be powerful, be brave, be resilient. Women who are not afraid to make the case for you because they understand the severity of this election. Black women who constantly save ourselves from ourselves and Black women who definitely saved you Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic Party and hopefully this election.

Black women get it done.

Is it true that some of my politics do not align with Hillary’s? Yes.

Is it true that Mrs. Clinton is power hungry? Absolutely.

Be that as it may, there is no way I’m voting for a man that looks like sunburned scrotum, and I’m sure would be just as irritating, to be President.

We cannot afford to allow our country to fall into the hands of a party that backs a candidate that only seeks to destroy and kill. The candidate of imperialism, capitalism, egotism and white supremacy. And though many of us Bernie Bros and Baes may not like it, we have to put ourselves to the side. Our privilege to the side. We must keep the revolution mindset alive. The first order of business is taking down the hate that opposes our movement. And as Mrs. Obama told us we have to vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Our freedom depends on it.

So I’m with her. But only because Michelle said so.

Mrs. Clinton, all we ask is trust. Don’t let us down.