Being A Nigga Vs Pretending to be White in A Black Body

Thank you for writing this. The duality that exists while being a Black man living in this society is so complex and can definitely make us question our “Blackness”. I have wondered often am I Black enough? And after social experiences with other circles “should I tone my blackness down?” It is pieces like this and Joel Leon. ‘s “What kind of Black are you” that make men like me realize hey my Blackness Is mine. I own it and I am the only who has the power or authority to control it. No one has the power to strip me of my blackness, regardless of how I decide to display it because it is my authenticity. It is not an act or an accessory I can put on and take off. I have a right to express myself and my blackness unapologetically and so do all of us in the fraternity called Black men. Thank you for writing this again. Keep writing man we need your voice.