Paul Brunst: A Balanced Fitness Program

Paul Brunst developed a passion for physical fitness when he was quite young. Like a lot of children, he played Little League baseball, and he also played basketball. He worked hard at these sports, and he had a good bit of natural talent. When he got into middle school, he played on the baseball team and the basketball team, and he got the attention of the high school coaches. After graduation from middle school, he moved on to play on the freshman baseball and basketball teams in high school. The succession continued when he moved up to the junior varsity squad as a sophomore. He made the varsity team in both sports when he was a junior, and he was a full-time starter for the teams during his senior year.

If you are going to move up the ladder in this manner like Paul Brunst did, you have to keep yourself in top-notch physical condition. To achieve a level of total fitness, you have to engage in three different forms of exercise: aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise, and stretching. Aerobic exercise is the form that you use to increase your cardiovascular endurance. There our many different types of activities that provide aerobic benefits. Running is one of them, and this is a great choice for many people. You do not need any special equipment to run, and you can put on your running shoes and hit the road just about anywhere. Riding a bicycle is another option, and some people will alternate between the two different forms of exercise to work different muscles and avoid burnout. Swimming is another very effective form of aerobic exercise. There are municipal pools that are open to the public in most communities, and some fitness centers have indoor pools.

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Anaerobic exercise is the form that you use to improve your muscle strength. The most commonly embraced form of anaerobic exercise is weightlifting, but calisthenics can also be used. Isometric exercise is another possibility. The final piece of the puzzle, stretching, is something that is often overlooked, but it is equally important. Yoga is a discipline that can be very useful to satisfy this part of the triad, and there can also be some strength training benefits if you strike certain poses. Paul Brunst has always prioritized exercise, and it has served him well in many ways. He is a police officer, so his commitment to physical fitness can actually help him prevent crime and save lives.

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