Paul Brunst: Running as Meditation

Paul Brunst is in a very demanding field of endeavor. Paul Brunst is a police officer who serves the public in Denver, Colorado. Clearly, this can be a very stressful job, so some form of meditation can be very valuable for law enforcement professionals who need to regain their mental and emotional balance. It is also important for these individuals to stay in good physical condition. Both of these objectives can be satisfied through the act of long distance running, and this is something that Paul Brunst does on a consistent basis.

His interest in running started when he was in high school. He played on the basketball team as a junior, and he wanted to improve his aerobic fitness during the off-season so that he could come back with an added level of stamina during his senior year. Each day during the summer he would put in some mileage, and he learned that it is best to stay in the moment when you are running a long distance.

If you think about how anxious you are to complete the run, the time seems to pass at a snail’s space. Conversely, if you train yourself to stay in the here-and-now mentally, you don’t feel that sense of boredom and anxiousness. This could be described as a meditative state, and when you are finished with your run, you enjoy the physical benefits, but you also come away from the experience with a more balanced state of mind. If you are interested in an efficient activity that can contribute to your physical and mental balance, you may want to become a long distance runner like Paul Brunst.

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