A letter to Heather…

Dear Heather,

In 60 years, when 45 is rotting in a fools gold mausoleum and historians have deemed this era “the age of darkness”, your little biracial great grandchildren will marvel at your stupidity and inability to see beyond the “white fog” you exist in. They’ll casually joke to other little black children (because your great grandkids will embrace their blackness lol) about how their great grandma was a racist and didn’t even know it. They’ll laugh about how Nana couldn’t process the idea of “systemic oppression”. They’ll gawk over your Facebook archives like a piece of radioactive confederate memorabilia.

Their parents (your grandkids) though white AF (maybe) , will have no choice but to sing the praises of Michelle Alexander, Colin Kaepernick, Shannon Sharpe, Deray McKesson, Maxine waters etc etc etc not because they love black people- but because their moral compasses will have finally reached a place that vaguely resembles the 21st century (It’s lit)-Very similar to the way you and your ex naval officer husband “respect” and “regard” the late Martin Luther King Jr today. (no kudos 4U)

And Heather, I couldn’t help but notice your seemingly infinite cache of suggestions and feedback for the black community- Ways we can make more money and even places we can go if we’re not happy here! But, I challenge you to hold these ideas up to the light before you share them. Can you see the active ingredient?… It’s racism, baby… :-)

Heather, what I’m trying to say is, like the many generations of white folk before you…. you’re on the wrong side of history…. And we all know it….Like them, your family will be embarrassed and ashamed of you. It’ll take them years to undo all the stupid you’ve expelled…Good news is, they’ll do their best to respect and love you despite your particularly distasteful flavor of racially charged dementia. They’ll say shit like “Nana means well” and “Nana’s from a different time.”.

You’ll still probably struggle to understand the shifts in American culture in your latter years. You’ll wonder:

  • Why they play trap music in Whole Foods .
  • Why your cardiologists name is “Dr. Cardi B Jenkins”.
  • Why they stopped singing the national anthem at football games.
  • Hell, why they stopped singing the national anthem anywhere.
  • Why the local Christopher Columbus Elementary School has been affectionately renamed for Serena Williams
  • Why folks are obsessed with “Keeping up with the Carters”

And that’s fine. It won’t be for you to understand because well…. it won’t be for you… (shrugs)

Most importantly, I want you to NEVER forget this day. Yes, Donald Trump is your President, but more importantly…. Bodak Yellow is #1 on the Billboard 100…. go cop dat.



Paul and all his cousins n them.