The Long Walk to the Women’s March

Hi, my name is Paul and I am a portrait photographer from Cambridge Massachusetts. When I decided to do photography full time back in 2007 the long road from generalist to specializing in women’s portraiture began to lead me down a number of side streets…….

Here is a restoration and colorization from a couple years ago.

Colorizing and restoring old black and white photos combined with some basic digital painting allowed more control over portraits. Over time I was able to see a little bit of the world through the eyes of my subjects.

“The Women’s March in Boston,MA”
“A Woman’s Place is in the Revolution”
“ In every language it’s the same!”

What I saw impressed me, there was a sense of unity and cooperation in such an enormous crowd (lots of creativity too!).

“Beacon Street”

As I spoke to many participants regardless of political ideology, all seemed to be aware of the dangerous road Trump is leading America down.

“We Rise by Lifting Others” + “Only Love Can Drive Out Hate”
“Have you ever seem so many smiling protesters?”
“this sign without words needs no explanation”

Despite the gravity of all of our futures the Boston March was free of violence and confrontation. The organizers and the Boston Police both did a great job keeping things upbeat.

Here is a look at the “Boston Common”

“View of Boston Common from Charles Street”

However the next four years turn out I am glad you all turned out!

Let’s try again and again, until we get a result that works for everyone!

“Tulsi Gabbard 2020”

I made this the day after the election. So keep marching, keep voting, and never ever give up!