How to restore/view the balance of your paper wallet

While we have a GUI wallet and CLI wallet available, some people prefer using cold wallets to create their X-CASH address.

Through this quick guide, we will show you how to generate an X-CASH paper wallet with our generator, and how to restore it to check your balance on an online wallet.

First of all, you need to generate a paper wallet to get your XCA public address and mnemonic seed. Go to the X-CASH paper wallet generator, and generate a wallet.

For increased security, we recommend you to download the page locally and run it offline.

Please note that by using the paper wallet, you will not be able to check your balance or send payments without using the CLI or GUI Wallet

You can generate a new wallet and download the information in a file.

You will get an X-CASH public address and its mnemonic seed. It is crucial that you note and keep them in a secured place.

You can use the public address to register on our website and get your airdrop and bounties reward. Even if you can’t check the balance, you will be able to receive payments on this address.

However, if you want to check your balance or send payments, you will have to restore your paper wallet using the CLI or GUI.

First, download the GUI Wallet on our website or our GitHub. Open X-CASH_GUI_Wallet.exe and click on restore wallet.

Use the restore wallet button to start the restoration process.
This is the “restore wallet” page.

Follow these instructions to restore your wallet.

  • Choose a new wallet name;
  • Make sure you clicked on “Restore from seed”, and copy your mnemonic seed (from your paper wallet) in the field. Your mnemonic seed is a 25 words phrase. Please be careful while copying it to not type an extra space at the end;
  • Create a password to protect your wallet (this is optional but highly recommended).
The restore wallet page filled.

Once all your information has been filled, you can click on restore wallet. The process can take up to a few minutes.

You will then be asked to connect to the blockchain and synchronize. It can take a long time.

Congratulations ! Your paper wallet is restored and ready to use. You can start checking your balance and send payments.

The account summary of your new wallet.

First, download the CLI Wallet that matches your Operating System on our download page.

Open the Daemon (xcashd.exe) and let the blockchain synchronize. It can take some time.

The synchronization process can take some time.

Now that your blockchain is synchronized, we will restore your paper wallet using the mnemonic seed. Keep the daemon opened while doing the wallet restoration.

Start a command prompt (cmd on windows).
To easily open the CLI Wallet with the command prompt, click and drag the xcash-wallet-cli.exe in the window.
Use the tag --restore-deterministic-wallet before pressing “enter”.

You need to put the tag “--restore-deterministic-wallet” before pressing “enter” to launch the restoration wallet process. Then press the enter key.

You will be asked to name your wallet. Choose any name you want.

Choose a new name for your restored wallet (if you already have a wallet file in the folder, you need to choose a different name).

  • The wallet will ask you to input Electrum Seed: input your paper wallet mnemonic seed (the 25 words list).
  • Leave the encryption passphrase empty.
  • Enter a new password for the wallet (optional but highly recommended) and confirm it.

You can start refreshing from the start of the blockchain (default settings).

Your wallet is now ready to use! You can start checking your balance and send payments.





Co-founder of the X-Cash open-source project.