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There are a lot of investment myths floating around the startup scene. This is one of the most prevalent from founders at seed stage:

Don’t take investment from a Series A fund at Seed because of signalling risk.

To me, this is a fallacy. Don’t get me wrong, I believe seed funds are best equipped to lead seed rounds, which I’ll explain later. But, like many things in the world of venture, signaling risk associated with Series A funds investing at seed seems to have spread through our echo chamber like wildfire.

Countless founders I’ve spoken to over the years…

Our cities are killing us with pollution. Northzone led the largest Series A investment in our history for an ambitious startup to fix this problem.

TIER announced today it has raised €25 million in Series A investment led by Northzone, with participation from existing investors Point Nine and Speedinvest, and a syndicate that includes Spain-based Kibo Ventures.

I moved back to London from Brooklyn with my wife and 3-year old daughter six months ago. While planning the move, we thought of all the parks and green space, lack of trash on the streets, efficient public transit, and the countless quiet…

Northzone and Maveron co-lead $15.25 million Series A investment

Impressed by the early success of Keeps — the consumer-friendly brand for men experiencing hair loss, the relentless focus on the customer, the operational excellence of a complex business — and the health conditions on their ambitious roadmap, Northzone is thrilled to join Maveron, FirstRound, and Greycroft, in a $15.25 million Series A investment in Thirty Madison.

I’ve learned as a still relatively new investor, it’s easier to develop conviction in a startup if you have some personal experience in the market they’re going after. Although I’m not a Keeps customer…

“Wait 12 months before making your first investment.”

“Avoid rookie mistakes, learn from your peers, get settled.”

“Say no to everything you see in the first year.”

The most consistent advice other VC’s gave me when I joined the startup investor world was to wait a while before making an investment. I was on board with this advice. Sounded pretty smart.

Three weeks into my new job I met Mundi Vondi, an Icelandic fashion (and game) designer in Berlin. Mundi joined forces with Oddur Snær Magnússon and Ívar Emilsson, from CCP Games (makers of EVE Online) to form a game…

It’s hard to raise money from a VC. It’s harder to get a job at one.

Update: we are no longer accepting applications for this role. Thank you!

I know, as I did the rounds a very long time ago when I started getting antsy at Microsoft. Even today, there just aren’t that many funds relative to the number of startups or tech companies, and therefore very few jobs. My most memorable interview was with Jeff Bussgang at Flybridge Capital in Boston. It lasted about 20 minutes and, as is often the case, there was no official open role. …

The unprecedented opportunity to leverage the decline of one of the most profitable monopolies in history: Microsoft Office.

Under Satya’s leadership, Microsoft’s strategy has shifted away from “Windows everywhere” to an infrastructure and software play of “Microsoft everywhere”. More than anything, this shift is acknowledgement that the days of milking old monopolies are gone and the company must expand beyond Windows and Office to re-frame their offering and innovate again. The reasons Microsoft’s dominant position was so heavily disrupted can be summed up by two simple words: Mobile and Internet. …

In the early days of your startup, you end up doing everything.

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My advice: Don’t.

It was 11 at night in NYC. I was the first one in, and the last person to leave, again. I wasn’t the only one working crazy hours, but I tended to do most of my work from the office. I just spent the past hour on the phone with AMEX trying to arrange flights for a few people on the team and me to meet with Tencent in China. The trip was important, we shook hands and finalised an investment while we were there…

This month, I made the jump from operator to investor and joined one of Europe’s most successful venture capital funds, Northzone, as their newest partner based in London. I’m thrilled to join the team and start working with founders, but the path to get here was about as non-linear as it gets.

Why Venture? Why London? Why Northzone? It took me a long time to answer these questions, starting with the most important question first.

Why Venture?

About 15 months ago, I started seeing an executive coach, Meredith Haberfeld. With little idea of what to expect, she couldn’t have come at a…

I love the world of startups. I first jumped in with no idea what I was doing when I was about 17 and together with two friends built a CMS company. The process was invigorating, and we continued to grow the company over the next few years. Eventually we all decided to focus on the company full time and continued to grow the business until it all came crashing down. At a fairly young age, we were left trying to simultaneously figure out how to lay off staff, sell our remaining assets, and do a postmortem on what exactly went…

Greetings, game industry.

I’m coming to you with some good news to share. At the end of this year, I will be moving into a board member role as my co-founder Patrick Moberg takes over as CEO. Patrick and I started working together 5 years ago, evolving his minimalist game into a product, and eventually a company. During that time, well over one hundred million people have played our games and we’ve assembled one of the most creative teams in the industry. …

Paul Murphy

Partner at Northzone

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