Do you hate your job?

Don't Stay in a Job You Hate

I am 42 years old. I started my working life at 16 by joining the Army.

In the past 26 years I have only had three jobs; a soldier, a police officer and an entrepreneur. I’m actually not a fan of calling myself an entrepreneur, too many people band it around not knowing what it means.

Owning a company does not make you an entrepreneur. Calling yourself one doesn’t make you one either. It’s a title others attribute to you due to your mindset.

Anyway, I digress.

Do you hate your job?

If the answer is yes then I have news for you! You don’t have to. It is possible to find a job you actually love. They are out there. Lots of them.

The main reason most people are in jobs they hate is because of fear. They are willing to put up with something they know isn’t right for them or they don’t really enjoy because they are afraid of change.

This leads to settling. If you are willing to settle for something as big as where you spend a third of your waking life on this earth then what else will you settle for?

F*** that, life’s too short!

Get out there and find a job you love, with people who inspire you, where you can grow as a person and enjoy financial success through professional growth.

Don’t settle for okay. Okay isn’t fun. Okay won’t make you happy. You deserve better for your life than just okay.

Thank you for reading the longest job advert ever — we are hiring 😃

Originally published at Paul Careless.